Questions Move

' My reply it is not to answer to this pergunta' ' , to make another question, and that it is a protest, showing basically the relation between question and reply. The affirmation of that the questions move the world, leaves impression of a person that does not create questions nor answers, but lives of questions and other people’s answers, and as the Lobo Singer would say, them they are smart, the perfect ones, them if they find the elect ones. Who question, to the times makes another question to ask for explanation, practically ' ' they ask for manual' ' , but on behalf of the security, they read the manual, and when if purchase, the manual is one of the indispensable item. On behalf of that they answer, I would make alegrico car call world, where the ones that pushes the car, have in its shirts a interrogation in the coasts. Source: Big Brothers of America. I remember some words of Russian Renato: more so certain how much the error of being boat to the engine, and the salute lives is not there because we do not see. Our God and Father are the Glory for all always. Amen. FILIPENSES 4.20. Some contend that Feeding America shows great expertise in this.