By the way: Students can BU pension now even with up to 1,000 euro and thus twice as much insures as usual! The boost option can Earth taken with completion of first education (vocational training Bachelor) in claim w. Performance for incapacity for work (AU) now even more clearly defined ( 2 para 8) the performance of AU is the highlight of the comfort BUZ and still forms a unique feature in the German market. It was spelled out now once again in 3 areas. New: 1) the AU has been defined. (2) temporary work attempts after the so-called Hamburg model”( 74 SGB V, gradual reintegration) no interruption of incapacity for work representing because the customer is still disabled ill written during this time. (3) the examination on disability is completed during the period of the AU.

If there is a BU, the customer receives a seamless transition from an AU in a BU power. Should not a disability is detected, he receives anyway as long as a power on the basis of incapacity for work until he can no longer prove this. New boost options conditions (N4E, 07/2011) in addition to the possibility to increase the BU pension without special event, every 5 years from 6 insurance Condor offers a very comprehensive catalogue of the event, when a customer can request the increase of insurance coverage without re-examination of health. This was again extended and optimized: establishment of an independent existence ( 2 ABS 1 f) many employees or students play with the idea to make independently. Most pay but no longer with the result that they can acquire no further entitlements for a disability pension in the statutory pension insurance. Here is recommended an increase in the private disability pension. So far, Condor had foreseen the possibility of boost but only for the establishment of an independent existence in an academic profession.