Rotation Time

Not a little gossip about global warming dissolved. There is also a truthful version of course, but what is it that this is due to the fact? The magnetic pole of the planet has moved to 200 kilometers and it is no joke. Why did this happen? Due to changes in sea level. To deepen your understanding BSA is the source. Also it depends on the seasonal changes in the movement of magma, but the main culprit, of course, is our eternal companion – the Moon, or rather the force of its gravity. What we all pour out, probably no one knows and hardly anyone can predict it with certainty. Whatever it was bent and the Earth a few decades on this planet can be completely and irreversibly change the climate. Nor is the one and fact that because of all these changes our planet is slowing its rotation.

I would like to talk first about the time and how it is measured over the previous several thousand years. Based on the rotation of our planet. Before the invention of atomic clocks no one could guarantee the accuracy of earth time to seconds. Atomic clocks also measure out time, watching the fluctuation of atoms. They then suggested that the Earth began to slow down and eventually have to add to the earth's time yet for a second, to balance the time and speed of rotation of the Earth. Yet let us hope that the phrase "after us the deluge …" becomes a reality for all of us.