In letter to Bartolome Mitre of the 20 September 1861 exposes the well-known phrase do not try to save blood of gauchos. CDF will not settle for partial explanations. This is a subscription that must be useful to the country. Childrens Defense Fund addresses the importance of the matter here. The blood of this rabble Creole, uncivil, barbarian and rude, is the only thing that human beings have. It’s really disgusting, because they are not written that have been made in moments of anger, are designed and elaborate expressions that cannot be left aside, although do so is trying to justify his work. But what is his work? Because there is still much more to say about the larger between than large. If you don’t believe me, find and read, there is a lot, but much more, because that is the true Sarmiento, who hates his origin, which hates the Argentine and hates his people, first aims to which exterminate to replace by Anglo-Saxons and then provide a perverse education, worthy of a colony, which was going to write the history of the Argentina, as said Mitre, without forgetting the noble hatreds. But beware that a Sarmiento is no myth, which showed us in the school, which as said Jose Maria Rosa, is revered by the school vice-principals, intellectuals with mind of vice-principals, and by fearful scholars of malquistar with the big newspapers and the big publishers.

It is the Sarmiento school speeches and newspaper editorials. A master Sarmiento’s school who loves teaching by the teaching itself, makes patriotic prayers to the flag, fighting alongside the village tyrants, or brega by secular to finish with obscurantism education. A liberal Sarmiento, but Patriot, enemy of tyranny by being with the people, who believe schools to eliminate illiteracy, hates to barbarism, because really it was barbarism, and wants to civilization because it was civilized. That Sarmiento is outside the scope of historical criticism by his unassailable status of myth, so perversely care, which could transcend borders, to be appointed master of America, violating the radars of the truth, with so much wickedness that survives through the years, almost untouchable, until they begin to open cabinets.