Second Great War

Notice were erased, converted them in order to deceive the population, that accepted the lie pacifically as truth without any protest. Wiston was felt stuned by the way as they silenced people of the trick that if treated the Big Brother, committing one ' ' crimidia' ' , or thought crime. To think forbidden age. To doubt, much more. It also committed the crime of ' ' duplipensar' ' or to remember the new created truth to forget the old one. He did not accept simply that they diminished the quota of chocolate and that in the following minute the increase of the quota was announced that in the truth was a lessening. Winston was grumbler with the established situation and looked for to destroy it, but it did not have at least time for this. Its subversive attitudes had been soon discovered, being submitted it and its loving to the tortures in ' ' ministry of amor' '.

The constant wars between the totalitarian nations, (such which occurred in the Cold War where the powers if collated veladamente in games of Being able), it was portraied in its essence in the workmanship they show that them in constant disagreements, moving of allies and enemies all the moment. In the reality, if it gave in the same way. United States and Soviet Union, of old allies in the Second Great War, had become enemy, that they disputed without ceasing the hegemony between the nations. Orwell, already had the perception of the instability of the agreements between the nations. A potential ally is also an enemy potential. It depends on the period where if they approach these relations.

fomentao of the hatred to the enemies between the citizens, is part of a strategy produced well to make of each one, a soldier the service of the regimen. A true brainwashing. Wiston, the central personage of the tram, is felt suffocated by knowing of all these situations, and wants to find ways to knock down the Big Brother and the regimen that it represents.