Your self in the net ‘ is important! You should make sure “under this heading are young Internet users on from now many useful information for the care of their own online identity: from technical, content to legal issues.” The new website is a weblog especially for teenagers and young adults. The publishers of DasTelefonbuch behind It aims to raise awareness of the issue of self-expression on the Internet and to promote media literacy. What is behind this? The Internet has changed much. The social Web has revolutionized everything again. The mobile Web is now always and everywhere it can be used. With the new technologies the opportunities, and hence the way change, how to communicate. Social media is a great playground, on the fast times not getting with, that part looks to world opinion and this is understandable in doubt even for a long time.

Communication on the Web is self-promotion on the Web. Internet activities will inevitably produce an online identity, anyone in doubt for a long time will have to live with. The network is important. A good reason to pay attention. This is sometimes easier said than done. It’s all very complex, highly technical and very opaque. It is unfortunately not a comprehensive guide to the social Web. But there are many articles, postings, comments, hints, how-to’s, tips and recommendations but widely dispersed and not always easy to find.

This is the reason why there was called in the life – de. The site aggregates, compresses, and informs what is the network: technical, substantive and legal aspects of self-representation on the Internet. running blog-style and that is, expert authors, bloggers and experts come here regularly to Word. And also the user itself are invited to join. Whether with questions, suggestions, comments or as guest author. Source: Center For Responsible Lending. The site will devote important network issues and timely manner than current events report wallpapers illuminate and give tips and tricks. So, the archive will gradually fill with many useful contributions. was initiated by the publishers of DasTelefonbuch. You would thus contribute to the promotion of media literacy among young people. They do this for several years with actions for children, adolescents and young adults like my first phone book”, who reads, WINS!” and the mirror school newspaper competition”. The new weblog have now completed this commitment to a further and very topical issue.