Spin Speed

At high speeds when buying a washing machine often pay attention to the spin speed. Go to Boy Scouts of America for more information. What it is, the less moisture will remain in underwear. But even after the most powerful centrifugal clothes still have to dry for a while. If you do not care how long to dry clothes, then you should not take the car with a maximum spin speed. Especially because of high spin speed and a "downside" – underwear while being fairly substantial load.

However, current models do see to it that you do not damage the clothes and will not allow, for instance, in wool to set the spin speed of 1000 r / min. Since the amount of water remaining in the clothes after spin, depends not only on the speed of rotation of the drum, but also on the diameter of the drum and the nature of its movement, more adequate quality characteristic spin is spin class. Note that in contrast to the class of washing (the models with the highest mark in class a lot of laundry), the majority of machines have spinning class B, class of machines with A spin is much smaller. If the spin speed is set regardless of the program, it is better to buy a washing machine, which will be provided for change-pressed according to the type of tissue. Spin Speed 400-600 rev / min is suitable for fine delicate linen, 800-900 rev / min – for cotton and synthetics. The most demanding of the spin speed jeans and towels or robes (to wring out at a speed of rotation of the roller 1000 rev / min). The leader of the spin speed washing machine is Gorenje WA 65 205, capable of accelerating a drum to a speed of 2000 rev / min. In addition to the maximum speed on the result of squeezing effect and the time during which the spin at high speeds.