Rain can surprise us in a dusk walking from return house, and about this episode of the nature we can think and therefore feel that we are bad beloveds by the universe, or can choose to think to feel that we are really lucky to enjoy a gift of the nature. Before our vision the light projects a shade, but also that shade can project a light. It depends perspective that we choose to add in our life, we will be people who we will be mainly constructed of positive attitudes or people who mainly choose to build themselves of negative attitudes. The amount and quality of lights and shades that we decide to look for and to find, will remain and molded our expressions, they will give cadence him to our thoughts and they would provide shady styles to us or colorful scenes to our emotions, in accordance with our decisions. If we pause a day to reflect and to analyze what is our glance, not only of the other and the surroundings, but simply as we watched ourselves inwards, as we see our thoughts and feelings, we will know to discriminate that attitude predominates in our person. Surely this attitude that dominates our internal law will be reflected at all the moments and elections of being in our external world. In Synthesis the life is dialectic.

The form, the expression, the quality of our thoughts and our emotions, are a decision that depends on us, we must assume it like so, and this done it will lead to us towards a total life and it frees. Infinity of events does not depend on us, but the form to act, to respond before them is a created work and directed by our thoughts, we are the directors and the actors of our own answer. The daily scenes always appear with their explicit antithesis or implicit, the same scene can be counted of creative and stimulating form or of mediocre and depressing form. The attitudes dominate to our expressions and ours sentires, but simultaneously our chosen form to think and to feel modifies these landlords, is what we have created of we ourself, but has the power to modify what it does not contribute towards the happiness, the joy and the fullness to live. We attract everything what it occurs to us, because giving account us or ignoring it conscientiously, we have constructed a magnet that gathers what our attitudes command. ” The reality in an immense alive fabric, that is guinea fowl day to day by our thoughts and emociones.