Moral Tensions

Not obstante, what if it gave was an obligator disruption that made with that the cruelty was only changedded and not that disappeared. Soon, in certain cases, it interioriza flowing back for the interior of individual giving origin thus to me the conscience that in the Genealogy of the Moral, Nietzsche if it is equivalent to the remorse. This phenomenon implies in a sequence of attitudes mined for the psychic cruelty. When the cruelty instead of following its primitive and natural way in direction to the exterior, is turned aside turning itself toward the interior, arrives to go deep it such point that it starts to constitute a soul for the individual. Dr. Neal Barnard takes a slightly different approach. Such shunting line is illustrated as consequence of the remorse and discloses that certain tensions would not have to be exteriorizadas. Had to this, the tensions if come back toward inside, against the man possesss who them, promoting the notion of debt proceeding from wing the deserving relation/. In such a way, it finishes for implying in the idea of autoculpa, generating attitude and autopunitivo behavior.

This idea if relates with the perception of descumprimento of norms or ethical principles taxes to the conscience to make possible the social convivncia. Nieman Foundation is likely to agree. It is impressive to observe as by means of the mechanism of the remorse the citizen can incriminate sutilizando its pulso of cruelty in altruism or ascetismo exacerbados. Front to this reasoning is pertinent to formulate the following question: The self-denial, the altruism and until the ascetismo can consist of the same essence of the cruelty? Objectifying the clarification on this problematic one, literature will serve as object to supply mannering elements that define certain attitudes. In this perspective, tessitura narrative of Pink Guimares Joo is demonstrated sufficiently fertile and revealing of personages who live deeply the cruelty of diverse forms. Some episodes, great or small if bind in subtle tram, constituting reflections on acts and behaviors that emanate cruelties based for principles and subjective motivations on some fidgets human beings.


Nation, my nation. The fight against the colonial repression was justified fully, therefore that the people some is given the right to restrain another people, nor politically, nor economically, nor legally, nor militarily, nor religiously and nor of any another form, but the fight who enters we we stoke in time some we will be able to justify it (nor yesterday, nor today and nor tomorrow), therefore that, what we made later, it we would have made before preventing the bloody fratricide that to all harmed; still thus, and although everything, nothing today hinder in them to jubilantly sing the positive effect of the peace and to honor, without bajulao, the sensible attitude of they had become that it possible between us. Favours let us sing the Mr. of the universe! The word ' ' paz' ' it is not a simple imaginary concept or poetical fancy, so little mere for silencing of the deadly pipes and one consequent ataraxia that impels in them for the inactividade, is not a workmanship arquitectada, built and finished or a finished conquest, much for the opposite! The peace between the men, is a workmanship in course and a maiden who if goes conquering while she will have life and hope; the peace requires continuous share, work without rest, self-sacrificing, humildade politics and over all, but over all same sacrifice, a vote of charity of all. The peace interests us it all and all we must fight for it day after day, and to become it also possible in the life of the brother, some day I, problems not to come back parvoce to think about weapons to decide dialcticos problems, by the way, do not exist, think that for the dialogue are not decided, including those that takes in them to the weapons, Therefore, weapon some, of any amplitude or bore that are it, would be capable to badly make to the man seno through the proper man; Therefore, to the man alone the peace in the place of the war would be to salutar for its life. .