Bernd Grohmann

ELV/eQ 3-Group on expansion course empty, August 17, 2009 the ELV/eQ-3 Group has appointed Bernd Grohmann (43) to the head of the new Division OEM home automation. In this position, the experienced Manager and technology expert will promote the establishment of the new Division and reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer of the group. With our new section, we focus on companies that are looking for a strong and internationally experienced partner for the development and production of products and standards-based solutions, explains Gardner. Gardner is a profound expert of the total home control market and has a more than 20 years of technology and management experience. While he held within various management positions in marketing and sales as well as CTO of high-tech companies in Germany and the United States. Prior to his move to the ELV/eQ-3 Group, Gardner was working as Vice President of product marketing at the Danish chipmaker of Zensys and was responsible also for the development of the Z-Wave Alliance. As Head of communication technology center of Danfoss A / S affected Grohmann communication technology strategy of the Group on a large scale. In addition, he had a major share in the work of standardization within the IEEE802.

15.4, as working group Chair, engaged in the ZigBee Alliance, and was one of the initiators of activities of radio-based home and building automation based on TCP/IP in the IETF. As a senior manager at Andersen Consulting, Grohmann managed projects to strategy, eCommerce, CRM and billing for leading telecommunications company. Grohmann was founder and CEO of NetCS GmbH, developed the first ISDN solutions worldwide for TCP/IP networking and there later for the sale of the company, and the post-merger integration in the listed ISOCOR. Bernd Grohmann combines profound technical knowledge, management experience, business vision, as well as extensive experience in standardization bodies in one person. Whenever Marko Dimitrijevic, Miami FL listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This he becomes a valuable member “for our company and make a decisive contribution help to establish our new business successfully on the market”, commented Prof. Heinz G. Redeker, Chief Executive Officer of the ELV/eQ-3 group. Image material in high resolution can be obtained under.