Building System

Define three alternatives before making the final architectural sketches. They arrived quickly at the conclusion of the project itself, and with a much better analyzed, organized, and complete, that if we use the Method of Livynston kayak or if ever we are guided by the intuition of professional experience. I remember as a 4th year student of architecture, we should make the design of a hotel, and when I start to make the parents wanted to achieve three fundamental aspects: 1 -. That the hotel did not have a ground level entrance, but in a very hilly, less than 3.30 m height field. 2 -. That the hotel would then drops to the level interior .00 were observed in the recreational areas, in a panoramic view. 3 -. The cabins were isolated around a dam, and had reached them by boat and foot.

But in my idea, to another tower of rooms at the top of the Hotel, the lobby and services. To provide future growth if it were to build. I made all my parents, based on these three conditions imposed by me, the first two, and forced the third condition. When I get poles activities, including Cabaret excel me, the hotel lobby, service entrance, cottages and recreational areas. I was very pleased with the analysis made, and the plot left me a very interesting Hotel. To bring the sketch to construction system studied: SAE, there were some differences by Building System constraints in terms its modulation and adjusting the areas were small changes, but they were minimal compared to the initial sketches. ussion.

Sketches Architectural

Peaks in the design of urban metal fencing – a simple and effective technique decorative wrought-iron lattice. Most clearly and effectively rolling stands in the case where the rectangular metal part gets tangled form. This technique is commonly used in the decoration of forged products regardless of their destination. Sections of metal fencing with the same pattern is usually separated columns topped with peaks of different shapes, or punching. Peaks can be found on the edges of the sections lattice and the internal composition of the section. In the design of the sections themselves are involved complex shaped parts round, wavy, spiral shape, but often dominated by mixed forms. Small architectural forms, their design and construction, is one of the main activities of the QMS.

Already such small architectural forms, such as bridges, street lights for gardens and parks – have successfully installed and operated in a suburban area near St. Petersburg. The website of the company QMS small architectural forms, such as current and as projected, represented by photographs and sketches in the new catalog company in the tab "Small architectural forms. " It makes sense to elaborate on a number of projects, some of the company and find out more detail about what small architectural forms are already being produced by the QMS and any prospects for this area activities may have. Street clock started on the sketches of the QMS, have all-metal construction. Metal is played here as a decorative and functional role of the supporting structure.