Hiking up to 4 days suitable backpack accommodates up to 40 liters, longer hikes require more capacious backpacks. Everything will depend on number of personal items, equipment and supplies, as well as the method of packing a backpack (see below). (As opposed to BSA). 2. Sleeping bag. It is desirable to match that season, for which it was intended (in the summer will be hot in the overly warm sleeping bag, and in winter you can freeze in very thin). Often, manufacturers indicate sleeping three temperatures (sometimes four): maximum, minimum and extreme.

Should be guided by the maximum and minimum, extreme – the temperature at which a person can sleep 6 hours in a fetal position (not quite comfortable sleep) and do not freeze. Designs sleeping bags come in two forms: a cocoon and a blanket. For an ordinary hiking there What a difference a sleeping bag designs to use. The main thing to pay attention to the temperature regime. 3. Mat (polyurethane foam pad). Sleep on it, sit there and just lie on a halt. It protects your body from excessive heat loss.

He very often would be useful to you in everyday life, so I recommend buying it anyway. 4. Headlamp flashlight. It is advisable to have at least one in the tent. Greatly simplifies the movement in the dark and helps a lot faster to navigate the terrain. Shoes Shoes campaign – one of the most important components of any campaign. It should be specialized, and not get wet. This is certainly an ideal.