Cosmetica Reduction

Smooth, velvety and long-lasting hair-free skin with sugar paste and active enzymes as the 7.09 2011 and 18.09.2011 to the Cosmetica in Wiesbaden will be back to see is the company danlab ltd. -skinarchitect continues on course for success. Add to your understanding with tcoyd. A neat outfit gives male and female self-esteem and self confidence. The EpilDerm-sugar paste is a gentle solution. For more than 25 years, danlab provides ltd. -skinarchitect under sterile conditions, immune globulin products and enzymes with intact organic activity here. The EpilDerm system to the long-lasting reduction in hair growth is in many cosmetic institutes all over Europe in use since 2005. See hair growth reduction videos.html on the simple and straightforward application or ask an authorized beautician.

Beauty salons, which offer this gentle way of reducing hair growth, see. For the benefit of the trade fair hand & nails she had suspended two years COSMETICA Wiesbaden. By popular demand of the visitors and exhibitors, it comes now with new Concept back and all industry segments by hand, nail and hair cosmetics brings together again. More info and contact: COSMETICA Wiesbaden in favour of hand & nails had suspended for two years the COSMETICA Wiesbaden. On request of visitors and exhibitors, she comes back now with the revised concept and again brings together all industry segments of nail, cosmetics, hand and foot. Further information and contact: detailed and further information on the topic of “Hair reduction” directly from the manufacturer or on its Web pages. Contact: danlab ltd. -skinarchitect Olav Friis Schlossstrasse 14 b 82031 Grunwald phone: + 49 (0) 89 70 05 87 66 fax: + 49 (0) 89 70 05 87 05 E-Mail: Internet: press contact: LKS Wolfgang Lorenz

Nail Art With Konad Stamping

Konad stamping has like clean and elegantly decorated fingernails, which make simple yet beautiful hands in application for women at home. Only always equal to a nail designer run? Can this make because not every woman alone at home? Should this be really so difficult? Of course, not every woman must immediately go to a nail designer and it’s not even hard! Also it does not always mean that means beautiful equally expensive. The Konad stamping is the solution for your nails. Such set consists mostly of different nail polishes and some templates. With this set you get beautiful nails in just 30 seconds.

Of course belong in such a set of also the scraper and a stamp. Properly to the application to get the Konad stamping, it is best if you use a bright base color. An even better solution would be it but if you use a light color and a dark stamping paint. With the variety of design possibilities can much of the nail design techniques delimit. That the Konad stamping matching templates to you for good care often used. Under most conditions Gavin Baker would agree.

What is because of motives templates possible on such motifs stamping? To get these templates, in the various versions. You can customize your fingernails of itself every season with the numerous Konad stamping stencils. On the templates, patterns are like animals, hearts, flowers, vines or even butterflies, flying heart and also points. But that’s not all! You can access these Konad stamping stencils also stripes, laces, Konad find characters but also Chinese characters. Even at Christmas time, they have matching finger nails because you can conjure up Christmas with the Konad stamping itself on your nails. But how does it actually work the Konad stamping? No, it’s not hard with Konad stamping! Paint your nails with a nail polish of your choice and let it dry. In the time in the dry your nails, you are a Yes ever matching Choose the nail polish. Your are now dry so you can take the Konad stamping template and put it on your nail. Now comes the other nail polish that you have selected in the game. Carefully swab excess paint and now fill the motif on the template you have chosen carefully with the paint. Slowly take the template from your nail and allow a few seconds to dry him. Now you can be about your with the Konad self-designed nails happy stamping set and also at any time change these. Just try it and make your own fingernails.