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The trademark is included in the package of intellectual resources organization, and as all intellectual property has its price. How to assess the value of a trademark? There are several ways to estimate the value of a trademark, the easiest – it's written business plan and based on financial calculations Kash Flo organization for five years (normally) summarize and obtain an approximate value of our trademark. If not, then we invite appraiser intellectual property and obtain qualified evaluation. Now, when we assessed the value of the trademark of our real estate agency, we led him to the balance of the organization, and just this deductible. As you correctly understood, is now mark starts to bring you the material gains, the money that you can easily implement in your wishes.

Next comes a trademark in your marketing campaign on your documents, at your offices. People know your trademark, but now let's remember that we have highly skilled professionals who provide your organization a favorable and positive responses. About your organization will immediately begin to blow word of mouth, Remember that if you're served a single client, he announced this on his six friends, and if you are poorly served customer, then he is telling the twelve familiar, it's statistics and gentlemen, and it has to be reckoned with. Registering a trademark will cost you twenty-five thousand, here will come in and specialist consultation, and the designer, and registration fees. Where will the registration cost, right in the investments that reduce the tax and we pay, quite legally, to twenty-five thousand rubles, less taxes.

Floating Quotes

In any case, we must remember above all to find that balance and that the cherished middle ground can only we came to the issue of finding work, the most serious and respectively. What, then, should expect to specialist now? To answer this question, deal with standard errors that people make when looking for work. There are two main the group of competitors in today's job market. Firstly, this active young graduates to find work, and secondly, the skilled professionals that are out of work due to the reduction. Let's start with the graduates. The huge flow of students, only get "crust" of higher education, were at a loss because of absence of demand in the labor market. This is due to the fact that young ambitious people are not really aware of the complexity situation.

Come to the interview unprepared, late, so even with the flow of unreasonable demands and ambitions. Immoderate them because people only educated (even higher), with little experience or even without him, wants to get a job at prestigious companies of the city, looking for jobs with the desire of the mandatory career with high wages. This, of course, really, but to achieve all to get the right set of skills and knowledge, to accumulate experience and develop relationships. No need to jump over your head! Need to remember that today there is a place the notion of "competition applicants." Find someone with experience, confident in their abilities, knowing the job, but without excessive ambition, willing to work for a small salary.

Business Fundaments

Guide for the beginner businessman. Many are thinking about opening their own businesses, some thoughts on this and stop, others go further, but the finish line out is not all. In business as in any other case need full and detailed structuring each direction. Educate yourself with thoughts from Boy Scouts of America. Think of a good business idea – this is not enough for business. Can be seen on the websites of business ideas and web sites of innovative products, and from many other sources, offered many useful products, until the invention of perpetual motion, but bring a product to market is far from over. The reason is simple – do not know how to sell ideas.

The word I understand the idea of selling a set of measures for promotion of ideas. Okay, begin to learn. Suppose we have formed a good idea to bring to market a software product – a program providing logistical movement of goods, ie do have such a product, a whole team of programmers working on it and led a program that optimizes the movement of traffic, meaning the program to reduce delays in transit, unloading, etc., ie when implementing this program companies save time, and eventually her money. Think where you can apply a product on the railway. Railways cover the vast expanses of our country, what size, how much money can be saved, but there for one thing, while at the wheel is the guide here about what that conversation will be innovations. That means private companies are carriers.

English Business

You do not need to be a mega-expert. You do not need to perfectly master the computer, English, and all operating systems in the world, including Ubuntu Linux Just as you do not need an additional 24 hours a day and a super-featured laptop for work. PCRM wanted to know more. Myth Four. All have to do it alone (and it’s boring, sad, difficult, lonely, etc.). PCRM helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Most of the work, of course, will carry you personally. The first two years – exactly. It is a fact.

But nobody stops you hire someone for help, for example, in completing the documents. For help in sending packets. To assist in dealing with e-mail. Along with This, on the same side of the fence that you – experienced “teachers” who are always ready to help: To answer your question, suggest, advise Do not forget that you can, for example, always write to me (as well as other entrepreneurs’ business niche), and ask your question. A little later – to receive a sane response. So what about any “alone” is not a speech.

Loneliness – it is in the head, in the same business you have to forget about this word. For hard to feel alone when each day had to take a lot of decisions, to communicate with a mass of strangers, to solve problems, answer questions (and it is an integral part of any business process) Near the end of this article, you probably have a question for the author: “Well, Nikita. Everything that you told me it is logical and correct. But, what if I’m a newbie, know nothing, can not, and I want to start your own business? What to do? “Until recently I could not give clear answer to this question Until recently, the web simply was not possible to learn everything you need to start in one place. Times have changed, and I am proud to announce the latest training course “Business Start, which helps you to solve this very unfortunate problem. Well, I do not have anything else like to wish you all good things, say goodbye and send to the address where you (in case of interest) and learn about it great project, just launched in the network.

Vladimir Orlov

On the recognition of friendly professionals, today held network project can be called a "Last-minute shop, which occupies its own, well-defined niche. Indicative of this regard, the evolution of the network "SALE tours. It appeared last fall, was created on the part of investors and money originally staked on the lower middle class. According to the authors, highlight the network were to be "dying" is not implemented by the operator tours. In fact it was an analog of the same "burning permits", which immediately provoked critical responses of observers. As now recognized, ceo of Sales "Vladimir Orlov, the initial approach was mistaken s m: to gain a foothold in this niche could not, and went to more affluent customers than expected, respectively, have changed and demands for the product. Today the network of "Sale of tours" counts in Moscow on 10 agencies, six of them are proper points of sale.

"Initially, we relied on the franchise, but as it turned out to persuade a small travel agency to work on more advanced, especially developed technology is not so easy. They used to work the old-fashioned, they say, at the knee and do not really want to rebuild. Through trial and error, we concluded that the wiser still to open their own point of sale than to re-educate foreign agencies ", – says commercial director Stanislav Sul'din network. However, the first year of operation in the "sale " quite happy. In the absence of any scientific theory of network development company could survive and gain a foothold in the market.

Russia Market

To better understand the nature of imperfect competition is necessary to consider classification of market structures. As evidence, determine the shape of the market structure, consider the following: number of member firms in the industry, the nature of production, barriers to entry when entering into industry, the degree of control over price. It should be noted that in reality there is only perfect competition or just a pure monopoly. In practice, one can observe a large variety of different elements of market structure, presented in Table 2. Monopoly – a large company, a corporation combining several companies and are achieved by this definition (monopoly) position in the market of individual product or group of products.

In fact, almost impossible to find a situation would have acted when only one producer of goods that have no substitutes. And so in the use of this term is always there is a certain amount of reserve. In our country, the law firm may be considered dominant in the market of the product, if its share exceeds 50%-ing the amount established by the antimonopoly authority. The purpose of creation Monopoly – the most possible revenue by controlling production and sales of goods. One method of achieving this goal is the establishment of monopoly prices.

Such prices are consequence of an agreement between the monopoly, dominating the market of the product, and installed based on the calculation of obtaining the greatest possible profits from the sale of goods. One should distinguish between two kinds of monopoly prices: 1) high monopoly prices (prices charged for goods they sell), 2) monopoly low prices (the prices are set by a monopoly on buying their products). Monopoly leads to concentration of production, allocation few large producers who agree among themselves, forming a certain period of time the alliance – the union. On short-term fluctuations in demand monopoly prefer not to answer the price change, and maneuvering capacity utilization. To achieve its goals monopoly widely use the following methods of fighting: 1. The economic boycott – full or partial waiver of economic ties with outsiders (businesses, non-monopoly). Monopolies offer dependent on their customers not to buy goods of other firms, as they allegedly inferior quality. 2. Dumping – The intentional sale of goods on the "bargain" prices in order to ruin a competitor. 3. Restricting the sale of goods independent firms. 4. Maneuvering prices – monopoly raises prices on products marketed to small owners, and simultaneously applies a secret discounts and concessions in this regard for large buyers. 5. The use of financial tools to combat competitors. Identify different types of monopolies, bearing in mind the following criteria: 1. Based on the coverage of the economy: – pure monopoly (the seller has complete control over the market) – a limited monopoly (seller has partial control over the market) – an absolute monopoly (production and sale of goods concentrated in the hands of the state). 2. Depending on the nature and causes: – natural (businesses and organizations that have at their disposal rare and freely reproducible elements of production: Rare metals, fertile land, oil, gas, etc.) – a monopoly that occur during a specific agreement rival producers (cartels, syndicates, trusts, corporations, conglomerates). In our country, before restructuring of the Railway Ministry were the big monopolies: rao Gazprom. rao ues of Russia ". Railway Ministry.

Jana Kobeleva

Raffle – is not only fun idea, but the real goods. There are professionals who are ready to invent, sell and, most importantly, they are customers. And most of them are solid people with a certain weight society: the organization of the draw – a rather expensive exercise. Interestingly, in Moscow and St. Petersburg have different approaches to the organization of this kind of business. Primarily affects the difference in the economic climate.

If in Moscow event-agency can afford to deal exclusively with drawings, then in St. Petersburg, they were simply not enough for survival. And against the background of the organization, say, corporate events, which are usually also involved in similar company sweepstakes – a drop in the sea. According to Jana Kobeleva, director of the studio "Events, jokes, greetings, on average, willing to play his neighbor appears twice a month. In this business, you can talk about regular customers who "lead" for their friends and relatives.

Most customers have no idea how they would play each other. Therefore, to answer the question, how much does it – who knows what – will cost almost impossible. Moscow agency draws and surprises "Syureal" for suggesting ideas immediately takes the customer from $ 150 This amount is then enters the general budget of the draw, but it is as if certain guarantee the seriousness of the client in such a "frivolous" case. In St.Petersburg "PDP" such prepayment is not required to provide clients with an economy the scheme and detailed estimates of future action.

Debt Collection

The procedure itself is debt collection is often a long, laborious and difficult, cause blurred the facts in such a way that is to entrust the provision of the collection procedure and experienced competent lawyers and jurists, and not arbitrarily run business. Therefore, we suggest that in these situations to conclude with law firms, lawyers' offices and offices of the agreement representing the interests of the recovery debt. Before recoverer apply to the court, it is necessary to deal with the cause of debt. Debt can be formed on the basis of the agreement, the legal relationship associated with defaults on Contracts associated with maintenance, salaries and other areas of law. The statement of claim, to sue, it should be noted: – The name of the court where the claim is filed – who the plaintiff, the location of the plaintiff – who is the defendant, the location of the defendant – the reasons for which the plaintiff has put its claims and arguments put forward by proving the reality of the claims – a claim the plaintiff's own – the cost of the suit – a list of documents attached to the claim – Contact Information plaintiff – the plaintiff's signature and the document certifying the entitlement of the claimant.

Claim must be submitted to the court at the location of the defendant. The stages of debt collection issue of debt collection to date, taking into account global financial crisis, remains one of the most common. From dishonest employers, financial partners, has recently suffered an increasing number of businesses and individuals.