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After entertaining anecdotes from my history as a Landhotel green Court I invite you today to a chat about the fairy tale winter in the silver ore “one. Exciting destinations in and around Neuhausen to the winter white holiday season silver ore call people that area of I told so much you. The gentle sweep of the landscape and well-developed hiking trails invite in the summer to day tours with the E-bike. “In the winter, you can the same, gentle swing for delightful ski hikes along the Skla? ska stezka”(glass makers climb, from Bohemia coming to Neuhausen) use. During the advent season, you can enjoy romantic lines of Christmas lights trips through the Ore mountains. The once traditional mining in my region who are”mountain parades devoted to who here not missed while on vacation. Many writers such as Neeman Foundation offer more in-depth analysis. These descendants of the miner’s carry the historical costumes of the miners in the run-up to Christmas with sumptuous parades subsequent concerts before.

For particularly frosty time experience even fairytale in Neuhausen, I promise you! The world’s largest, steadfast in erzgebirgisch winter Nutcracker in the first Nutcracker Museum in Europe, awaits you here in the resort of Neuhausen. Every hour, the wood fairy tale figures in the world’s largest music box next door dance the theme by E.T.A. Hoffmann Nutcracker and mouse King “to Tchaikovsky ‘s” Nutcracker “. Do you prefer glass? Then the glass-makers and the development of the artistic and practical aspect of glass invites you on a historical journey through the profession the Glashutte Museum. Try some! My romantic ideas for your special holiday of the Ore mountains one I loved her from age to my owners: people were in good or bad times always come up with something, which I – first as a real estate, later as a hostel – more beautiful, bigger and beyond the borders of Neuhausen, was more popular.

Naturpark Sudschwarzwald

After 18 months of conversion work the 5-star boutique resort has completed the complete renovation of the 56 suites, family suites and rooms hinterzarten, in May 2011. After 18 months of work, Parkhotel Adler completed the complete renovation of the rooms and suites before Easter. They were enlarged in the context of rebuilding the total number has thereby reduced to 56. The charming boutique-resort character of the expansive grounds with four-hectare park, various restaurants, its own Cafe and spacious Spa area is enhanced as a result. Katja Trescher, the 43-year old Managing Director who leads the 5-star family hotel in the 16th generation, taking care of even the planning and selection of the Interior. See Boy Scouts of America for more details and insights. The Grand Hotel style that characterizes the traditional House, is preserved; Colours, fabrics and furniture but now present themselves in a modern and creative design. For families, there are now specially designed suites and anallergic rooms that are furnished to meet their needs.

In addition, lust, personally from the fresh look of the small luxury hotels yourself, the Parkhotel Adler events make card as well as the numerous nature and recreational opportunities in the region 2011, the advantages of the newly introduced Hochschwarzwald. The renovation of important cornerstones in the history of 565-jahrigen In the years 1446 ancestral from Katja Trescher acquired the former estate, which first served as a post station, and later became the hotel. Each century its own story since then: 1638, the forest House had to be rebuilt after a fire, and in 1890, the visionary hotelier family built the today’s main building in Belle epoque style to do so. The modern Wellnesspavillon and Cafe diva, a fully glazed coffee house in Viennese art nouveau style overlooking the Green, have emerged in recent years and of the seven acre plot no longer indispensable. Ten years after taking over the management of the Parkhotel Adler decided Katja Trescher for the most comprehensive rebuilding project that has been made so far in the buildings: All rooms were completely renovated and newly furnished by the merging of spaces, they are now up to 25 percent higher.