Universal Culture

The Universal Culture of GOD came to the World to become the Human being better, therefore knowing themselves and knowing the Laws Universal it only is that it can be happy. Recently Nieman Lab sought to clarify these questions. The blackness so does not bring the longed for happiness for the people who are children of a GOD who is Infinite Wisdom. Therefore, the ticket for the diverse Churches will make its more shining destination. Only Seven Apocalyptic Churches? 15 – The dolos of the nations are silver and gold, workmanship of the hands of the men. 16 – They have mouth and they do not say, they have eyes and they do not see; 17 – They have heard and they do not hear; therefore it does not have alento of life in its mouth. Book of the Salmos, CAP. 135:15 the 17. In Esmirna still we suffer the arrest from the substance, In Philadelphia, however, We become free ourselves of it.

Laodicia judges Without defense attorney, But JESUS beats to the door Wanting to cear to the table. feso orders not to lose the first Charity, Therefore it is the money That circulates in the Eternity. Prgamo invites the winner, to eat of the hidden manna, not to continue deluded, With manjar of the dolos. Pedrinha offers one white, In it, written a new name; That nobody knows, to be I do not renew it to the aspiring. Tiatira orders to keep until the end the promise of the Return of JESUS Carrying through good actions, To have to be able on the nations To win the proper illusions Of the human power. It offers the Star of the Morning, the shining Dalva Star, That has the power that saved.

Sardes is the Church Of the white vestidura, That the person alone reaches, After many tribulaes. It asks for that let us not stop In the route of the evolution, not to leave to die the divine vocation. Philadelphia promises To the winner to be the column In the temple of the true GOD and it never to leave, Winning the storm that has to come On the entire world. It ahead puts of the Being Always an opened door, it to coexist the love fraterno. Who has heard to hear, Hears the voice of the Spirit That is the proper CHRIST. It has the key of Davi That unmasks any mystery, and that it shows the Empire Of the Kingdom of GOD. The Churches are now In all the ramifications Illuminating hearts. It is science, the sport, the art, the religion, the physics, chemistry, Philosophy, politics, mathematics, and all excessively; So that the Human being if redeems and finds the proper Peace.