Success To The Successful

What is the relationship he establishes with each other? What are the consequences of this in the performance of people? Of course there is also a combination of variables so that the expectation is realized, a treatment that is consistent with expectations. Peter Senge in his book “The Fifth Discipline” explains a prototype system called “Success to the Successful,” which shows how some employees may be more easily promoted than others. Let’s see if this sounds familiar. A manager has two candidates, for some reason the expectations of one of the two begin to fall and the other receives preferential treatment, while this affects the self-assessment of both employees. The relationship changes and resources begin to be higher for the favorite. A more successful more support. Conclusion: someone is at a disadvantage and without resources, your boss has staked everything on their preferred candidate, who eventually did well, doing better. I remember a lecture by Jim Selman, an American coach who laid the foundation for coaching training in Argentina, asked as he addressed the audience: Where do you think is the possibility that the person receiving coaching is?, Referring their potential and immediately replied: – In the eyes of Coach. Then to my surprise by the convergence of the theories, I found that Lacan, one of the most influential psychoanalyst after Freud, he said something similar in their developments on the mirror stage: we can understand and live our whole from the embedded image that others will return to us.