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Popular Movements

The two leave from the same definition of the popular movements, as far as the construction of a new policy and to the recovery of the ethical values. Here it is where the artist or the intellectual, finds a space that the neoliberal model left in the basket of wastes: the ethics. The art is a cosmovisin. It is to conceive to the man in relation to his resemblances, with his circumstances, the universe, itself. It is the space in which the creative activity of the man is developed. The eternal search of the truth, the good and the beauty. It needs the freedom and this one of the art in a dialectic relation.

The freedom is a universal value. It determines and one ties to a culture based on the recognition of the right of all, to the dignity, the respect, the overcoming. This culture is the search of the good through the beauty. The freedom defines the personality of the individual and a nation. The artistic creation must contain it until in the line more imperceptible. The fight by the life and the freedom is creating new answers in each circumstance.

For this reason, the artist represents who them not will see never braking by aesthetic inertia, since its work feeds on the permanent evolution of the man and its history. Its work will be infiltrated with and in the spirit of the town and it does not have left another horizon that to commit itself ethically, historically social and with the collective destiny. The artist can feel comfortable neither in this one nor in no other world. Because any type of structure will offer resistance to the satisfaction of its imagination and its dreams. For that reason it must know, suffer, enjoy the world as it is, to know, suffer and enjoy the result his own search: a creative world.