National Periodical

more, according to research made for the Federacy of the Commerce of Rio De Janeiro, 93% of the consumers acquires products pirates due to low price. ion. It will be that this is not an indicative of that the population does not have money enough to buy original products and prefers to spend it with products of primary necessity, as health and feeding since the government does not supply this the citizen? It will be that this does not become evident, since they had concluded that the piracy is the form of subsistence of many citizens? I am frightening with the form with that the National Periodical simplifies in such way to point the PIRACY as a guilt for the job lack, instead of pointing it as a consequence of the floor of the economy. The sales of counterfeited products if became a form of subsistence for many Brazilians, but the profits of this illegal commerce are for few. Already the damages, of all the country. According to Ministry of Justice, because of the piracy Brazil leaves to create two million formal jobs per year. The data had been presented by the National Advice of combat to the piracy on the basis of a research of the University of Campinas and show that the illegal product confuses the economy Brazilian. ' ' R$ 30 billion per year leave of being collected in taxes in reason of the piracy. You are not one you exaggerate to say that when buying a product pirate, the person can be provoking the one unemployment familiar' ' , he analyzes Luiz Pablo Barreto, secretary-executive of the Ministry of Justice. In a tennis store, the number of employees could be bigger if it was not the unfair competition of the piracy. ' ' In determined moments already I had that to give an insured in the act of contract. It really takes off a slice of ours comrcio' ' , salesman William Duarte comments.

Resources Training

Human capital. Resources Training (material instruciona) the training of the team is made directly by the integrant ones of the federal government, and this is made annually. Improvement of the level of attendance to the people registered in cadastre in program. Reduction of errors in the allocation of the individuals of the program. local Infra where functions yields it of the program Stock market Family is rented by the city hall, however he is paid with the mount of money repassed for the federal government. The data of the present table had been disponibilizados by the digitizer of register in cadastre of the program Joo Carlos Antonio Rufino Loureiro Nito, through one entrevista.3 CONCLUSOAps all the explicit data in the development of the present article Arrive it as well as conclusion of that the Program Stock market Family in the city of Pianc-PB if detaches as primordial factor for the development of low income families, serving as a support I deal to it local.

The families registered in cadastre in the program reveal satisfied with the offered contribution, Through the program many families had known in fact what she is to have some condicionalidade of consumption. After colloquies with beneficiaries who had not been cited previously she can yourself be confirmed with entire veracity of the facts that the importance of the program, exactly that for adepts the opinion against the program stock market family as one programs assistencialista that ' ' it offers esmolas' ' , it leaves as conclusion the following deposition: ' ' the program came as a form to give to consumption capacity the people that do not have another possibility to support its children, in a house with 6 people, 5 children and an only adult who worked of sun the sun, being this adult a family mother whom the obligation has to take care of of its 5 small children, working in roa every day of the week, and has as aid to obtain foods and to keep its children in the school through the program. Exactly that it has its imperfections the program does not have to be judged as that one that to give almses, can also be considered that one that to give to right at least a worthy meal to the trabalhador.REFERNCIASMinistrio poor person of the Social Development and the Combat the Hunger. Program stock market family. Available in: Access in 12 of May of 2010.Portal of the Transparency of the Federal Government. Available in: Access in 15 of May of 2010.

Metropolitan Regions

The Regions Metropolitans are the places where the displacement of the people if becomes more difficult and dispendioso. As much for the precariousness of the collective transport how much for the congestions for who it walks in particular automobile. They are regions where each time more has its number of inhabitants increased, in reason mainly of the easinesses, even so in average cities that are not part of no Region Metropolitan have tried increase significant of its population. It has twenty years, 41% of the Brazilian population lived in these areas, whereas currently this percentage passed to 42,5%. Although this increase can be explained, in part, for the creation of some, other factors exist that can explain size increase because the number of inhabitants of the pertaining cities to the new regions metropolitans is not great. In the passed year, 78.11 million people lived in these conglomerates of cities. Being that the greater is the Region Metropolitan of So Paulo with 19,33 million, second it is of the River of January with 11,49 million, third is of Belo Horizonte with 4,79 million, fourth is of Porto Alegre with 3,85 million, fifth is Recife with 3,59 million, sixth it is of Salvador with 3,51 million and seventh it is of $fortaleza with 3,48 million inhabitants.

They are people who possess necessities of if dislocating constantly, notadamente to work. Leading in account that most of the time the workstations are distant of where the people live, the cost of displacement (in time and money) of house for the work are very great. For example, according to IPEA, in the Region Metropolitan of So Paulo, 40% of the people who inhabit around in cities of the capital and that they possess job work in different cities of where they live. Considering that many people are expelled of the cities biggest for the lesser cities of these regions, an increase of the time of displacement of the people is had.