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The greatest danger than confronts the polar bears is the global heating. The global heating has compressed the marine ice of the poles, which derives in one more a more difficult life for the polar bears. The hydrocarbon contamination and transport also incarnate a danger. Without changes, this mammal could disappear in the next years. Instructions Moved away Mantngase of the purchase of any product that is done with a polar bear and at no moment participates in the hunting of the polar bear unless it is a traditional harvest of control. Recently Center For Responsible Lending sought to clarify these questions.

The illegal hunting, the hunting of trophies and the furtive hunting can be one serious threat for some populations of polar bears. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out PCRM. The traditional harvests by the local communities do not present/display the same problem, and they are possible to be maintained without generally putting in danger the populations of polar bears. It supports the investigation that allows to the scientists and conservationists to understand better the polar bears. To know more on its habitat, habits of hunting, their health and other behaviors they can lead to better solutions to save polar bears. The World-wide Bottom for the Nature, for example, the sponsors of the directed investigation to learn more about these bears of great size. It reduces to his dependency of petroleum and gas. The exploration, extraction and transport of petroleum and gas in the Arctic create a danger not only for the polar bears, but also for other mammals and fish. The petroleum spills in the congealed seas or partially congealed can be extremely difficult to clean.

Governmental Pngase in contact with authorities and civil servants to encourage them to protect the habitats of the Arctic of the effects of the global heating. The national policies can diminish the rate of the global heating and protect the habitat of the polar bear. It makes his part to help to stop the global heating. Even small acts like leading less, recycle, to use fluorescent light bulbs and to extinguish the electronic devices when it is not using them, altogether, can make a difference. It considers the possibility of planting trees and to donate money to organizations who fight against the climatic change. It helps to reduce the contamination by means of the environmentally safe product use in and around its house.

The Movement

In the scope of the Amaznia, its common good agreement as wants to say according to RIBEIRO (2005) that ‘ ‘ humanos’ ‘. Moreover, to understand the Amaznia she is necessary in first place to abandon great myths. Nieman Foundation is often quoted on this topic. One of them is of the abundance of hdricos resources as it approaches VIANNA (2002, P. 123-140), ‘ ‘ (…) she is necessary to have clearly that water excess in the environment is not of form some water guarantee of good quality in the house of the citizen. American Diabetes Association is often quoted as being for or against this.

In the practical one two cycles of the water, natural and a other artificial one exist, that engloba the captation, treatment and distribution of the water to populao’ ‘. The new boardings regarding the water are as vital element and right basic human being or merchandise, is not the same ones observed in previous times, when its supplies with quality were not sources of concern for the way scientific technician. He corroborates for this line of thought, the movement of the properties of a observed practical substance and its secularly, the affirmation of Aristotle (1978, P.

Expensive Stream

Leonardo of the Vinci. Professor of Internet Governance can provide more clarity in the matter. SUMMARY In view of the abrangncia of the current ambient question and the inexistence of borders for the pollution of the hdricos resources in the world which occurs in scales global, regional and local, it was considered to argue the main indications of contamination of the streams Jenipapo and Car in the city of Aragominas Tocantins. The applied methodology left of a revision of literature of the main topics that portraies ambient the question current, such as hdricos environment, resources, ambient impact, pollution and sustainable development. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from BSA. Leaving of the comment, it register and analysis of the gotten data could be mensurar the indications of contamination of waters of the Jenipapo stream and Expensive stream. This was made from visits of field to the main points with focos of pollution, which if had given from its stream beds in the urban area until its springs.

After the collection and quarrel of the data, were verified that the springs of the streams Jenipapo and Car if find threatened by the antrpica action. It was evidenced for the most part absence of ciliar bush of its stream beds including agricultural and urban zone. Also some points had been identified of contamination for domestic sewer, residues of wash-spurts, agricultural activity and presence of solid materials as plastic in the edge and the stream bed of these streams. WORDS KEYS: Contamination, pollution, preservation. ABSTRACT environmental Given the scope of current issues and the absence of borders you the pollution of to water resources in the world which occurs on global, regional and local scales. Has been proposed you discuss the main signs of contamination in streams Expensive Jenipapo and in the City of Aragominas Tocantins. Environmental The methodology was based on literature review of the main topics that portrays the current issues that foccus on environment, to water resources, environmental impact, pollution and sustainable development.


After what happened on Friday earthquake experts failed to withdraw the accumulated shell gas and nuclear power plant unit lower blood pressure. There were concerns that high blood pressure can damage the membrane and leakage of radiation. Experts hope that the dire situation of the NPP 'Fukushima' will come out with minimal impact. Earthquake in Japan, which occurred March 11, 2011 and became one of the most powerful in history, the Earth's axis shifted by 10-15 cm. In addition, some scholars have claimed that according to preliminary calculations, earthquake in Japan reduced the terrestrial day of 1.6 microseconds. Powerful earthquake in Japan that caused a devastating tsunami, most likely, also shifted the main Japanese island of Honshu at 2.4 meters. Experts also argue that there is a 70% chance that Japan will experience another earthquake of magnitude 7.0 or higher over the next three days. The worst earthquake of the XXI century a major earthquake that happened in the past Friday the east coast of Japan, has become one of the strongest in the country's history.

And what an earthquake has hit the list of the most powerful earthquakes of the XXI century? Undoubtedly, the most destructive earthquake of this Century is currently an earthquake in 2010 in Haiti. Two powerful earthquakes within minutes there were a few miles off the coast of Haiti, their magnitude was 7 and 5.9, respectively. Killed more than 120 thousands of people. In October 2009, a series of strong earthquakes in Sumatra (Indonesia). According to the UN, killed at least 1.1 thousand people.

Planet Governments

For the opposite, It and the Loved Master Jesus, who co-ordinates our work, are more gifts that never, and trying alerting in them on our incorrect development and the false values that we cultuamos in our society. Many religious ones affirm that in the Bible it is written that the world would finish in fire and not in water, as would be the case with the rise of the level of the oceans and with the occurrence of storms. At this moment we would like to remember that the rise of waters will be given for the heating caused for the entrance of the sun, that is, fire. Rise of temperatures. However, we leave again clearly that the world does not need to finish, and that the end of our species nor of far constitutes the end of the world. The Planet will recover, has seen that it is about a natural event, intensified and modified for the man, but still thus natural, that would happen in slower way and well less intense. We must acquiring knowledge in them and joining them to face the threatening problem most difficult and since that our humanity was created.

Our attitudes must be based on the love, the charity, the union, the faith and the hope. This different world, based in money, material values, rich and poor, dominant and dominated, will be substituted by the world of brothers in Christ, fighting for the salvation of the humanity and the creation of the society joust and fraterna, finally sustainable. Moral, ambient balance and spiritual. Problems will come as consequence of all the errors that already we commit. However it is our duty to recognize our errors, to ask for pardon to the Father and to fight for our proper salvation.

This is urgent! It is difficult, however not yet it is impossible. Again we inform that the governments, and each one of us, must plant the possible maximum of trees, over all fruitful, and the energy matrices based in coal and oil they must be substituted by energies you renewed possible more soon. This is essential! Our atmosphere and our planet will not be able to resist for much more time and this effect is accumulating. A so slow substitution how much the governments desire, will not be enough. It will be necessary sacrifice on the part of all, but these financial sacrifices, in nothing will be compared with the problems that we will have if thing some will be made. Why it will be that it appears as much money to help the rich ones in a financial crisis, and do not exist the same resources to prevent the ambient evil? Where the governments are with the head? After all these acknowledgments, that nobody comes to say that Deus and Jesuses had not alerted in them, and nor they come to botar the guilt in the Masters or to ask for so that They make a work that only depends on us.


We cannot want these same economic systems in the current days where it exists an ambient urgency and a exploratria urgency of the nature not to supply the speculator expectations of the wealth and consumistas. The proper consumption is a process historically determined by the economic systems, what it leads in them to understand that this habit is conditional and can in agreement be molded with the historical situations. It does not only happen with sights to the maintenance of the environment due to responsibility and abilities of the economic agents and the complex of institutions. Capra (2007, Pp. 181-182) it understands that ' ' The economic systems are in continue change and evolution, depending on the equally changeable ecological and social systems where they are implantados.' ' In this manner who determines the economic systems is the society and the ecological moment, and not them economic systems that determine the society and the ecological moment, therefore if thus it was would not have economic system being that they alone exist for a necessity human being. It is inadmissible to understand the systems economic as independent elements of the existence human being, when they are dependents of the existence human being, that is, they serve to the human beings and not them human beings they as if the economic systems were deuses in olimpo playing with the existence of each mortal.

The human being she is the main social environment transforming agent of its, as well as the creator of this called phenomenon society. Phenomenon that in accordance with evolves the changes in its system of moral values, ethical and economic. Being the economic systems result of the applied will of the human being, them also will be reached by the evolution, thus when the society evolves with it the economic systems also evolves. Capra (2007, p.182) says that ' ' The evolution of a society, also the evolution of its economic system, is closely on the changes in the system of values that serves of base to all its manifestaes.' ' In this manner, the changes in the system of values are the base that will support the evolution of the society and of the economic system that it adopts as more adequate for its historical moment.