Artistic Photograph With Your Iphone

You do not have money for a good camera but you like the world of the artistic photography? Perhaps even you have possibility of good reflex digitalis and even so you happen to take it to hills all the day. Whatever the use of iPhone as possible camera of photos is propagating. First of all, iPhone has a unique approach and without zoom lens, and this simplicity forces to the composition and the search of the perfect photo. It continues reading to know how how to take incredible photos with ours iPhone. – First advice: ” takes advantage of spontaneity; I like to take photos from the moment, scenes without intention. That, or snapshots with some element surprise. It is necessary to be in favor always kind to the change, or of the illumination, the movement of the people, or only one slight difference in something ordinario.” – Secondly advice: He walks! ” The camera of iPhone has a fixed focal length. Or that you want to take advantage of or to annul this characteristic, it will be a work of legs.

(Technical of artistic photography) If you need a near photo, you will have to be really close. If you need one at a distance, exaggerates that distance. It uses the feet to find the angle. This is important also when venturing itself in remoter zones of our place to find good subjects to which disparar.” – Third advice: Horizontales” takes advantage of the photos; You do not make only captures vertical; you also do photographies horizontal. And it tries to use small I am called on with the finger on the camera to change the focal point (only for which they have iPhone 3GS). ” – Fourth advice: Disponibles” takes advantage of apps; Constantly there are new applications in the AppStore, find those that adapt to your tastes and learns to create images that see exactly as you imagine (using for example Photo fx and CamerKit).

” I hope that these advice serve to us (To learn artistic photograph), some of them are similarity to me interesting. They at least allow us to know that to make artistic photos with favorite ours gadget is not impossible. It will have to that this seems to him not much, but for the most profane in the matter (Study of it photographs artistic) supposes ayudita that does not come anything badly. And your? You use iPhone for artistic photographies? What applications of the AppStore seem to you obtained more for it?