Green Weddings

All the weddings imply a great organization, it always arises more details from those than one can imagine and if they are of the type of people with brings back to consciousness ecological can be even more estresante. Perhaps to organize a green wedding, can mean an additional cost but this effort for the environment will fill to you of satisfaction and can be of good augury for your marriage. What better decoration than the nature! , the beach, a farm, a botanical garden or a national park are places that do not require of flowers or adornments so that they shine incredibly. In order to avoid the use of as much paper them invitations and to save trees send your invitations by email, this separate one will save money enough, another idea is to make a page cybernetics in which you maintain to your guests to the day of the preparations, some change, suggested clothes and others, also are places where they print invitations to you in papers better recyclings or even, you yourself you can use these materials and do them you yourself giving loose rein to your creativity. In all the weddings always something like memory is #***aed-refl mng that later finishes in the being used sweepings instead of, an excellent idea is something organic and alive like little trees, seeds, bulbs or flowers.

Also you can give to a reminder food like chocolates. He is preferable to use set of dishes to the excess of sweepings that would produce plates and disposable places setting final y S.A. exceeded part of the banquet, you can donate the surpluses to a refuge of destitute. Details can be found by clicking David Bershad or emailing the administrator. Elije a dress of fianc2ee done with natural fibers and tries to use flowers of the local markets, not only you will reduce the fuel emissions by the transportation, but you would support the horticulturists of your community. In aim if you want separate that your desire to take care of the environment extends your guests I propose to you that instead of table of gifts you support the plantation of a forest and that each guest pays so that a tree seeds itself.