Mount Forrest

“Canada’s prog rock legend starts with new CD ‘ the human condition’ by (thk) incredibly well”. Excellent”. You may wish to learn more. If so, Pahal Foundation is the place to go. The perfect choice”. Concert-goers, who had witnessed the baptism of fire by Rob Moratti as saga new vocalist on June 20, 2008 in Mount Forrest, Ontario, have expressed consistently euphoric. All other fans of the Canadian progressive-rock institution must muster some patience until they can make an image of the voice-strong vocalists. However, this is a first in two respects: short before the start of sagas Europe Tour 2009 also appears a new CD of the brilliant quintet.

“” “Part of every good 90-minute show it will condition but of course not only songs by the human”, her 19th Studio album, give to hear, but also classics from the band’s 32-year history as the flyer, wind him up”, or on the loose”. In the face of the new voice and a new CD, the demand will be twice big cards to the guest appearances of that top live acts. Therefore, it is advisable to already in advance one of the coveted tickets to get. Their prices range between 25 and 27 euro (plus fees). Reprint free of charge; Saga of the human condition “Tour 2009 special guests: tba 16 + A17 Worpswede, Music Hall 22.04. Hamburg, factory 23.04.