Furniture Leather

The presence of the interior leather is always a sign of wealth and luxury. Previously it was available only to kings, and was decorated with medieval castles, but today, leather and leather furniture are experiencing a rebirth. The design has gained new forms, the price was affordable. For sewing leather furniture used in cattle. After tanning the skin is cut lengthwise into four pieces.

Depending on the extent and quality of the leather tanning, as well as its thickness, skin divided into categories and each category has more than 10 classes. The top layer of skin – this is the first category. "Heavy" and the soft leather, with a natural pattern. Through the pores in the upper skin is better "breathing", it is more strong and elastic. The second category – the skin is thin and soft. It also has an artificial figure.

The third category – a thin and tight skin. The fourth category – "Krost" – is the inside of the skin adjacent to the fatty layer thick and, moreover, is very hard, after deformation are characteristic folds. Work with the skin of this category is difficult enough, but to make her furniture looks original. Importantly, from a category of skin made the side and rear of the furniture. For expensive furniture, as a rule, use one category of skin on the underside and face. Naturally, the price depends on the configuration of the model sofa and leather on the number of spent in its manufacture. The joints must be neat, straight lines, without the "overlap" should not be "broken" (big, sloppy holes of the needle). That seams are the first indicator of quality. Many manufacturers deliberately do fancy, fancy stitches, which are not so easy to play. By the same author: Gavin Baker. Sophisticated, accurate seam – a sign of quality. Furniture made of leather, stitched double seams, is more expensive. There are a few simple rules to care for leather furniture, not involving the use of special equipment: – Do not use for cleaning leather furniture chemical solvents, stain removers, and other aggressive substances – Never use cleaning leather furniture abrasive powders and paste – remove the dirt from the skin with water and natural soap: Rub the stain in a circular motion, dry wet spot with a dry cloth – Place leather furniture at a distance less than 30 cm from the heat, avoid direct sunlight on leather furniture

Interior Design In The Style Of Provence

Each side has a style based on folk traditions, the cultural principles of the country, the perception of nature. Russian, British, American country The French Country style has its own special name – Provence – "province". He embodies the spirit of France, so different in the north and south, and so united in their quest for elegance and ease. Provence – a region in southern France, famous for its magnificent scenery, a kitchen with the use of aromatic spices, incredibly blue sea and bright sunshine. It is from these elements and develops Provencal style interiors. Its bright, sunny colors create warmth and cheer up.

Provence – a very laconic style, he achieves spectacular results a minimum of means, and, nevertheless, it is extremely diverse. For a typical Provencal style rustic furniture of simple silhouettes, painted in bright colors. Provencal style – is the charm of antiques, inherited from the grandmothers. In Brittany – is a simple rustic furniture with solid forms and crisp lines. For furniture, reproducing a style that fit the fronts of light tones of oak, chestnut, walnut.

Darker or painted fronts should look a little "worn". Provence may be called an "ecological" style, because natural materials – solid wood, stone, cloth. To give credibility interior surface of the wood artificially , causing scrapes and chipped drevotochiny, proedennye beetles. Color solution most often selected in pastel colors. Provencal interior bears the feeling of summer on the ocean, and that means must be used by the color of wet sand, ocean waves, bleached fabric. This Provencal interior is going to slowly – the true "village" ceramics, linen embroidered napkins, old chairs and shelves adorn the kitchen slowly, every thing finds its place. This style is particularly close to people seeking to be closer to nature. For southern provinces, along with traditional stained in dark wood tones are present facades painted in bright colors. For the cuisine of Provence and possibly a combination of pastel blue and pale yellow flowers, symbolizing the flowering meadows Provence, lavender blue and yellow alfalfa. For the central room lighting would be the best forged chandelier, which successfully be combined with accessories "under the forging, decorating furniture. In general, the abundance of forged parts – one of the hallmarks of the style of Provence. And also – the use of plant motifs in the decor – be it fabric or curtains hung pictures on the walls. Provence style allows you to live in a "warm" comfort, creating a individual interior, adapting it to your liking – from modest to luxurious. Today Farm Steel increasingly fascinated designers around the world, and not without reason – because it is here were written the best work of Van Gogh Cezanne, Marc Chagall.

Built-in Wardrobes Coupe

Built-in wardrobes or built-in furniture, as opposed to modular, have no housing at all or some of the walls. Present rear and side walls, as well as top and bottom plates are attached directly to walls, ceiling and floor, thus forming a single surface. Their shape and dimensions correspond exactly to the place where they are installed. It is very convenient because it allows them to have any in doorways, arches, under the speakers on the ceiling ceilings in attic rooms (with a beveled ceiling), etc. Nieman Foundation understands that this is vital information. In addition, this furniture conceals the defects of planning. Internal appearance of built-in furniture is formed based on your needs: you can set drawers, shelves, special sections for storing different things with easy-hangers, wire, metal laundry baskets.

At the top you can allocate space for luggage, and at the bottom – for shoes, vacuum cleaners, etc. For In order to find the right thing, you will simply nominate, or that box. Typically, the side walls, internal partitions and shelves built-in furniture made of laminated chipboard panels, or hardboard. Proceedings of the doors to more diverse, they can be, and glass and mirror, and panels, and metal, and combined (two or three stories). Typically, these doors sliding or folding (like an accordion), equipped with a system of rollers that provide easy, smooth and silent movement of a special guide tracks. There are two systems moving door coupe support system, the roller moves along the track, bolted to the floor of the room or the bottom of the cabinet.

On top of the door is hung on rollers, which includes a special guide, mounted above the door, it keeps the door without letting it fall out. The disadvantage of the system with lower rail is that the door may still fall out, though, it needs a good blow to its bottom. Suspension system, the door is suspended on the guide, mounted on a roof rack. The main lack of a suspension system is the increased requirement for strength and a roof rack weight limit used doors. Built-in furniture to make room, leaving visible only the necessary things. The room where she is located, is filled with air and cleanliness. With-in closets can be made small alterations to the apartment and they are perfectly suited as a wall separating the few residential areas and serves to store things, placing collections and decorative knick-knacks. Do not think that installation of built-in furniture-consuming task, specialists of the companies where you get it to deal with that very quickly. The choice of colors and trim panels bordering, mirrors, glass is so huge, allowing for a large number of options for the interior apartments. So, choosing a built-in furniture, you not only get the convenience, but also exclusivity.