Office Chair

The first: an Inca throne. The exclusive seat for the King of the moment and his wife. Sturdy and hard. Carved in stone in one piece, you don’t have neither a mobile part is all in one. Huge and very heavy. Its designer, its constructor, no thought or at a time on the possibility of moving it someday. It had to be very difficult to move it, for himself or for the King, as for any thief to which that happens to steal it.

The second: an Office Chair. Flexible and multi-articulada. The headrest can be adjusted in height. The lumbar support can vary in concavity to adapt better to the curvature of which feel. The height of the central axis, also adjustable, in order to properly support legs. You can modify even the position of the armrests.

Lightweight and easy to move. With its five wheels, strategically positioned to facilitate such movement. As well as its weight; It appears to be fairly light. At least something more than the Inca throne. What are the main differences between the two? To part of the comfort, clear. One is the mobility. While the throne is totally immobile, the Chair climb it, the bass, me rolling on it and I can adjust to the measures for who to go to sit. Do as many nuts, hinges, screws, buttons, levers, will take the Chair? The throne has no one. The functionality of the two seats in this sense is clear isn’t it? And its ability to shift? By its shape and weight, the throne is almost impossible to move. We would need several men to do so. And it would end up exhausted with only move it a few meters. d%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard Center for Discovery is open to suggestions. But the Chair moves almost alone. Really, both seats designers achieved its purpose, and each object fulfills its function. And the human being? Who we did so? Who is our designer? Nature itself, right? And why we are so? We manufacture with a second exercise purpose, quick and easy. Observe you. More or less flexible, more or less light. Legs, arms, a shaft superarticulado Central. What you look like more? To the throne or Office Chair? In principle (don’t be cruel with yourself), to chair, safe. More than 200 bones and 600 muscles make up around your 360 joints. I have it clear. And you? Nature led the man to be as it is with a single purpose (mechanically speaking): the movement. Now I wonder if I move far enough. Or even if I don’t move anything, taking him contrary to nature. Something risky, because when take you the contrary what happens if I do not move? I lose mobility? Flexibility? Everything works fine or I do not move easily? Does it hurt?