Recommendations To Avoid Back Pain

In our daily life we have voluntary and involuntary movements, exercises and even bad positions that are inadvertently harming our overall health, because a problem in the spine, a pain that is felt generally throughout the body and can reach other parts to deteriorate and cause us to lose our health. If back pain has been submitted that prevent you feel good, is good to adopt some recommendations and positions that will help improve your current situation and health problems.

Several Tips to Keep Your Good Health – If you have consulted your doctor, and this prescribed complete bed rest should remain there until further notice. Straighten your body or make a twist on turning your spine cause great efforts. Visit health organizations for more clarity on the issue. – When lying on your back, can be extremely useful, place a pillow under your knees. – When you’re lying in bed, do not extend your arms above your head, let them rest at the side of the body. – Sleep on a mattress flat, uniform and hard. A table placed under the mattress is a excellent support. – Do not place beds, do not wash clothes, do not clean floors when your back is not good. Bathing in warm water for several minutes is usually good for soothing sore back. Make sure the water is too hot.

– Avoid becoming overweight, check with your doctor the best way to stay in shape. – Drugs alone are of little help, if you can not understand the mechanical problem in your spine sore. – There are some simple exercises to help strengthen the abdominal and lumbar muscles which are basic elements in the functional balance of your back. See exercises with your doctor to teach you the proper way to make and to improve their problem and not increase it. – Do not lift heavy objects. When I have to, force must be made on the legs while keeping your elbows on your thighs. Get up slowly until the subject standing with his hands. – It is preferable to use chairs and rigid straight back strain. Remember that the Spine is the support of the whole body, keep, care for and maintain in good condition is our responsibility and commitment that we must not neglect, is for our own good. If there are children in our home, teach these to have a good position to take care of the Spine and foremost to exercise daily. This will be an effort a few years, which will bear fruit for many years to come.