Batman Comic

We all go to the cinema. Someone often, someone very much. More and more people watching TV and buying movies on DVD. A good part of them can not even imagine that so many movies and cartoons that they like so much is based on comic books – they think children's books with pictures and silly stories about heroes and various creatures with super powers. Nieman Foundation is likely to agree. Nevertheless, the fact remains – most of the latest popular blockbuster from precisely The plot is quite well known abroad comic series. Here can be ranked Spider-Man, Hulk, Batman, Hancock, pets of all kids – Ninja Turtles and more serious films like Sin City, in whose creation participated cult director Quentin Tarantino. Now famous comic series of major studios like Marvel, DC comics is gradually beginning to appear on the shelves of our stores, but it happens very slowly.

Much slower than in other countries. Across Europe comics industry is very profitable business. Studio hire artists as depicting the pencil and ink, and make the digital processing and coloring for large fees. Comics sold millions of copies worldwide. Unfortunately, much of this thread so far, bypassing Russia. The main reason for this, apparently, is that local publishers do not see serious profit in these "Children's books, although many comics can safely assume that works of art. Comic book artist should be able to draw everything.

Draw a one-page comic book – it is not just draw a portrait or still life of several subjects. The artist must paint, often, the world around us in great detail, because otherwise the comic will not look nice. In addition, to create a comic book to hire professional writers. It all began quite some time, somewhere in the early nineties. Then the first time in bookshops and kiosks with the magazines were first editions of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, , and several issues very popular around the world while the comic book series Elf quest. Approximately at the same time began to appear on television cartoons on the story of comics. After this short burst of activity in the publishing Swallowtail Plan edition comic book followed by a great calm. For a long time comics can be ordered only by mail through mail-order catalogs of small publishers, and popular publications, has neither one. Films on the comics, however, continued to penetrate into our market in the form of pirated copies of an amateur translation, but even those who liked these movies, a little worried that their favorite hero come to the screen from the pages of comic books. At the moment, Russia has successfully published a series of popular comic studio Marvel. This Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four and several other publications. Despite the fact that the situation slowly begins to build, fans of comic books have to continue to download scanned comics in foreign languages from the Internet. In addition there are a small number of web projects on which you can download the comics version of the Amateur Russian translation.

The Advertisement

Its mission – to competently implement his plan, with the right light, given the exposure and at the desired angle. From him depends on the correct prepodnesenie goods. When the exposure is, say, a cottage, are incorrect, then all the booklets the building will look the incident and no one designer did not fix it. Sometimes, in order to take a picture of a couple of jars of cream, you need to do a dozen manipulate umbrellas, headbands, soft box, flash, and god knows what else. David Fowler is actively involved in the matter. And all this – in order to achieve the desired result. And of course, that of photographer at this stage requires perfect the technique. When filming finished, the footage goes to the designer.

It compares with the actual desired, ie, C is obtained, to produce the final result. Already using computer graphics, color correction and, where necessary, special effects. Then it all goes to the prepress, the engineers who adapt will succeed at a particular surface, and under one or the other way Print. For example, if the advertisement shows a sunset at sea, and flexo printing is planned, then from the riot of colors in the end little that remains. In addition to the professionalism of the photographer still required and an understanding that for his work the customer pays the money, sometimes considerable, and may get what he wants, what would he or she would not want to. But all that being said, in an applied way of advertising photography. With the development of this industry there professional and semi-professional association of advertising photographers.