Dog Dance

Dog dance a Hundsport for the young / old people and dogs. Today I would like to imagine a relatively new dog sports dog dance. “Dog” = dog – dance = dance. In this sport the dog dances with master/mistress a variety of figures and tricks on an individually appropriate music. Here, in particular a very fine and precise cooperation between man and dog (team work) is required. Rendering information from each other for the differences to the many, but often quite similar feats, just on the other hand to exactly on the beat. The bond between man and dog shows an unusual high precision and joy.

The dog is only carried the small body signals and verbal commands. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Center For Responsible Lending on most websites. Dog dance focuses on the individual strengths of the dog. It requires a lot of attention and flexibility of man and dog. Are no limits in the dance of the imagination. A harmonious presentation is good, if the relationship between the two partners is actually characterized by harmony.

This is reflected of course, in everyday life again. As with any sport, regular training is the basis of success. Prerequisite is a basic training relatively well fitting. I’m working with my dogs only with the clicker. The Clickern is waived where any physical action or correction, allows access to the animal. Second, the behavior is reinforced. Yes go wide like, I want to see this from you.” It may be understandable the dog, without arousing fears. It has when the dog understands the word or term command and reliably performs this success in dog training. 000ten Labs can in 10th Labs or after 1 pass. Some principles are very important! Not the dog makes it wrong, but the man not properly taught it. Unfair treatments are wrong, positive “amplifying” is success! Stop always positive with a lab. The lesson stop, before the dog stops.

NoLimits24 Adventure Agency

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