Learning To Catch A Trophy Carp

Fishing for carp – is not just recreation or a hobby, not free time – a way of life. So, knowing an opponent's face – you're half way to overcoming it. In general, carp – fish, fertile, schooling and pretty 'sociable'. In Russia it also called 'Corop' (in some languages this name is still preserved). In addition, the carp – fish is very tasty, it also happens a variety of sizes – captured carp to weigh 16 kg! But such instances (16 kg) is usually live apart from the pack, so you are lucky and catch him just lucky.

Now you need to figure out what is the place to choose for fishing? A place where you can catch the biggest carp and then talk about it to children (his wife, grandchildren, your neighbors – underline), or at least think about it. I think you can not explain that each fishing spot, each body of water, in their own specific. And each have a favorite place of the fish. If the place where you going to catch a carp, is overgrown with water lilies, in which fish can not only hide from predators, but also a hearty lunch, feel free to go there – no catch you return home! Also, he is not averse to frolic on the sandy shallows, especially now, when at last came the warm summer evenings. If you went fishing in a big pond, there must be a small island, which becomes just a dining table for fish (Island vegetation that helps). But still, if you believe an avid fisherman, the best carp fishing in coastal areas with vegetation from the wells and the various snags. Early in the morning and evening, like the carp to feed near the shore. Well, the carp, we now know all we need now is left only to choose the 'weapon' by which he can not get away from us, no matter how hard! Bouse for carp – a tricky business (the same as the East), therefore, selecting rods for carp, manage their own feelings that you experience on a fishing trip.

Still, do not forget one little rule that the power of the rod corresponds to the weight plummets and a half ounces +. If you decide to seriously 'win' in this battle of carp, then please be specific forged hooks with a ringlet of black or brown. And remember that the diameter of which have the bait for carp and fish size (approx.) must match the size of the hook. If you intend to catch 5-pound carp, then you should not waste your time for less! For this you need special tackle, which should be well adjusted, and which able to withstand the jerks your sacrifice. Also, do not forget that I mentioned earlier, the big carp are not usual with a shallow, so the place he chooses too relevant. If you went fishing on a boat, the bait for carp should be in the mantle, attached to the trough near the nose (the stern). Well, now you are fully prepared and know how to catch carp! Now you have every chance of success! In extreme cases, you will spend a good time – she and fishing!

Riding A Bike

Here he is standing before you – a beautiful, stately, powerful, bright sun glare on his frame, seat beckons his leather bends, pedal ready to inflate at a furious pace Do you give way legs are shaking hands and body strongly refuses to obey the idea of "sit and go." Why is childhood threshold of fear if not absent, then at least extremely low. Therefore, what is then done easily and without hesitation, now seems a feat. For example, learn to ride a bike. I learned this in 20 years. Please visit BSA if you seek more information. As a little kid, I had a wonderful three-wheeled bike that I could not stand. No matter how hard my parents tried to teach to ride a two-wheeled me they could not. What is the reason, I have no idea.

Afraid to see, whether shy or maybe just do not understand why it is necessary to me. As a result, I grew up an adult and a happy girl, but not able to ride bike, and until recently it me not a bit worried. And then at some point I realized that, in general, because it should be great fun. himself, as if flying, the wind develops hair, forget all the troubles and excitement I guess it's how it should be, but when it came to what I have carefully sat down and got ready to pedal, my mind yelled for help. It was not easy! My friend, teacher, without whom I would never have mastered a skilful thing, and that probably a hundred times cursed me during our "walk" as soon as he tried to put me into the saddle and almost no kicks, pushed me on the wheel, and I only covered the horror and heart jumped. Well, not I could understand how people go on these things and keep the balance! Yes, it is in equilibrium is the whole problem, I could not even terribly afraid to get off the ground.

I remember one time engaged in equestrian sports, but rather simply learned to ride a horse all the different ways, and now it seemed much easier than this awesome bike. But the output I had, I bought a bike specifically to learn how to skate, I could not give up and hide it away, but still spend money for nothing. In the end, after much effort and millions of lost nerve cells, I am proud to classify themselves as society skiers cyclists. It is true I still have a lot of serious problems, for example, will learn to move a large border) But this is trivia! Yes, the man is extremely intelligent being, whatever one may say. Itself poses a problem, he creates an intricate design, its uses for this imagination, fantasy, and he is tormented by solving these problems. This is probably the whole life!