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Ultimate active programme with great experiences from NoLimits24 spring fever? By due! With each fun and action come lot good mood through so far mixed April weather. With adrenaline charged as well as exciting experiences sells one of the leader of experience in Germany, any signs of a spring fever NoLimits24, and is at the same time fit for a perfect beach body. The refreshing active program starts with a climbing day 4 in 1 to get warm, with unwanted leftover of chocolate Easter treats start to melt. Numerous climbing exercises make the best preparation for the next adventure both in – and outdoor. Courageous nature lovers experience the special thrill on a canyoning trip between deep canyons and raging streams. High is also the bungee jumping. Here, adrenaline junkies for the breezy spring kick can let yourself fall.

Sporting activities include open-air there sightseeing flight, Flying Fox XXL or Dragon tandem flight with the X citor experience. Feel like breathtaking views and relaxing moments joyful happiness cause. NoLimits24 thinks of course also to those involving the fatigue of the spring can be sell only with a gas pedal pressed through. The spring fever by car lovers foam over when in a recycled BMW a fast-paced circuit training or in the Porsche Boxster unsafe the country roads. Just as much fun is also a pleasant buggy ride on adventurous trail riding. Who drives sport can also relax and enjoy.

So, an adventurous night in a tree house or in the corn field for two completed the athletic effort of the day in a suitable way. A little tip: For unique experiences for eternity can be captured, an instructional photo workshop represents combined with practical photo tour an optimal preparation. Many more powerful experiences that fit and actively make In the spring, can also be found under. For Undecided is recommended the choice of vouchers from 25 to 1000. With over 1000 unique experiences for every occasion, the right is guaranteed. Latest news always at: newsletter press contact: NoLimits24 GmbH & co. KG Eugen-Richter-str. 44 99085 Erfurt Annika Walden Tel.: +49(0)361-5411354 email: Web: emotions give with NoLimits24: ingenious gifts – an unforgettable experience. NoLimits24 headquartered in Erfurt was founded in 2006 and is one of the leading suppliers of experience nationwide. At NoLimits24, you will find over 1000 gift ideas and unique experiences for every occasion, such as birthday gifts, Valentine’s day gifts, Easter & Christmas gifts, wedding gifts or gifts for the anniversary. All experiences can be ordered as a voucher or in an elegant gift box. The 24-hour delivery desired.