Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is an old marketing strategy and a great success that a company focuses on marketing and sale to a well-defined segment of potential consumers. The company earns by supplying a unique product or service to this narrowly defined market which other companies who have not completed or planned. Are there potential customers online? According to the latest figures from the Central Intelligence Agency, more than 185.55 million Internet users in the United States, of these around 139.52 million active users. The Computer Industry Almanac which compiles statistics on global Internet users, records a staggering 934 million users by 2004 and this market is growing.

Will users buy online? The statistics collected from Internet users show they do and their numbers are increasing. For example, in December 2004, online sales rose by 53% from 795 million dollars from the same month in 2003 to $ 1,220,000,000 2004 (CMP Media selected by a service provider of information and marketing services to technology and health). For each unique marketing hook, product and service, your business blog can take in, that’s how many niche markets that can serve. The next question then to answer: Can a blog be the perfect vehicle for reaching and marketing to your niche? You must realize that successful blogs a step further in providing excellent content and regular updates or new content.

Most sites offer these services. Rather it is the ability of these blogs to provide the author and readers a place for one-on-one conversations, half impersonal. To share comments, ideas and opinions, the author positions himself as an authority in your field. If you write content that is relevant to their needs, they will remember and return to keep your blog. But that’s not all you need to have a lifelong passion for the subject or product you sell. Without this, your blog is not going to stand out and carve a niche apart from. In essence, a well researched and prepared business blog is a potential revenue center. Has a personal touch of the authors and discusses the need for this particular consumer. As every marketing analyst knows, when a seller understands his or her consumers well, the seller gets your business.

Ebay Police

I’m not sure how many people have had bad experiences on Ebay, I hope not too. I was having a great time there until a man tried to defraud me out of 170. I had been buying and selling on eBay for a number of months with no problem at all. If I ever bought anything that cost more than 100 pounds, I would like to offer to the seller to meet somewhere, usually near the motorway and it works very well. I managed to pick up some real bargains and also managed to get rid of some of my unwanted items, I also had no interest in more or no longer had need for one. The seemingly good things must come to an end and unfortunately it did with Ebay. I was looking to buy a mobile phone and saw an ad for Compralo Now Phone with low starting price, but not extremely low.

There were a number of mobile phone if I had any questions. Therefore, it was called, his name was Tony and asked him questions of a general nature. He sounded and looked very nice, but said it could not meet me as he was unable to drive as he had not passed his test. His house was far from where I lived and reluctantly I agreed to pay via bank transfer. He assured me that the phone was later that same day through Royal Mail to arrive by 11am the next morning.

He seemed very genuine, always do your thinking and that was it. The next morning have a guess what arrived, yes, nothing at all, or the next day or the next. I tried to email him, text messages and mobile phone call, guess what, there was no response. I realized how foolish he had been, however, decided to go to the police. They were very helpful and a half hour later had a number of crime but was warned it was highly unlikely that one day I see a phone or receive a refund of my money which was 170. Outside the police station I sent Tony a text with the number of crimes to the police. To my surprise, he immediately phoned me swearing, but finally agreed to refund my money if I stopped the police action against him. I was very lucky, I’m sure many other people who police said they ever get their money back.