Were you told that reporter to be born? Do not believe the verbiage. This is nothing more than a myth, common stereotype. You do not need to have specific genetics to learn how to drive a car? A cook scrambled eggs? Journalism – the same craft, as well as many others. The same goes for "little brother" of journalism – copywriting. And hence, to both can learn. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of BSA on most websites. If you are from God given talent to put words persuasive phrases If you are sociable from birth, the process of mastering the craft will pass quickly, easily and almost imperceptibly. Boy Scouts of America has many thoughts on the issue. Otherwise, you will have to put some more effort and time. But it is not clear in any case the result will be more productive.

For a long time a formula for the genius work = 90% + 10% talent. PR-agency "Laboratory of the text" has announced a new set on a course designer Lee Volovoi "Journalist Workshop." How does it differ from their own kind? The main difference lies in the very title. The basic principle of the course: a minimum of theory – a maximum of practice. So if you're a fan of listening to lectures, you can stop reading. No textbook is not expected.

The whole theory of journalism is presented in short, clear rules and techniques. The main tools of students: text editor, an analytical mind, creativity and rich … a variety of themes and incidents matter of concern life. The method is based on the individual course of interactive training, practical mastery of technique in the creation of texts of different genres of journalism, and a detailed analysis of errors. We are realists, we live and working in the realities of their country, which are the focus. In some schools of journalism you proud to hand over lists of foreign publications and links to instructions for potential authors, flavoring, this foreign Salad detailed recommendations on technology entering into contact with the editors of these publications. However, we are well aware that even if our students and plan to conquer the foreign mass media, they start have here in the former Soviet Union: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus or Kazakhstan. Then they will create a name for himself, portfolio, professional relationships. And the rules are completely different. So take the time and money for our students to study the cognitive, but totally impractical information, it seems impractical. The basis is only domestic practice in everything from methods of getting information to relationships with editors. Classes are highly individual. Each student has a unique life experience, has the propensity to certain topics and genres, working at their own pace. Therefore, the duration of the study of one the same topic from different students are different. And the price is the same. Study is determined by student's personal preferences and circumstances. If you live in Moscow, it can be full-time occupation. In all otherwise in our possession the entire arsenal of modern means of communication. The most optimum variant – Skype. ICQ? Also good, although less convenient. Finally, always available e-mail – the standard, but not so progressive way of communicating. In the course of "Journalist Workshop" invited students and middle high school, intending to enter the Faculty of Journalism, as well as everyone master this exciting profession. Especially recommended for students of faculty of journalism: those who are already tired of the theory, but wants to develop the real skills.