Scotland Yard

On After the summit, Prime Minister of the Presidency of the EU the Czech Republic Mirek Topolanek said that European Union countries do not need to develop a common program of support in times of crisis, as each of them has solve their specific problems. Leaders of many countries including USA, Russia and Britain have already recognized the global crisis, but the EU is apparently not yet realized this in full. For more information see this site: BSA. It is extraordinary that the combined Europe does not understand the importance of unification in the face of the challenges facing humanity. We wish the members of the European Union early insight – because of their short-sighted and detrimental impact on the rest. Tatiana Hripkina Read more: Crisis – for our benefit Britain is preparing to unrest not only increases the number of internal Russian troops. The English newspapers published articles that the British intelligence services and Scotland Yard developing a secret plan for dealing with riots during the global crisis. Aggravation of the situation in the country can not be ruled in April this year, before the summit of the Twenties, and soon the summer was code name 'summer of discontent' (summer of discontent) in connection with possible protests.

Assumed to involve the army to disperse demonstrations and an end to violence. Unable to help people, the authorities are preparing for their utmost to curb. However, no mass rallies, no curfew will not solve the problem. Money thrown into the jaws of crisis, you need to send a real help. .