German Party

Cult hits and pop Schlager, flirting and parties in the ‘top dog’ on St. Pauli of the Aussenalster 2012 steadily closer. Who wants to singing, dancing and flirting in the infamous style of the Aussenalster but in the spring, which should mark red this appointment in the calendar. Prevent Cancer Foundation describes an additional similar source. On May 26 the next Aussenalster KultParty in the stag will”close the Fritz bar in Hamburg St. Pauli instead.

The makers of the Schlagermoves and the Aussenalster KultParty plan the new party already intensively. In the foreground the good mood, fun party music and the wonderful togetherness are once again”, says co-organizer Jan Budde, who considers the mixture of cult hits, party hits, pop hits and current German hits as guarantee for the unique atmosphere of the fetus. “If in the space deer” on May 26 from 10: 00 the party people gathered, are usual with singer as well as the enthusiastic singers and flirt experts. Wonderfully colorful clothes are welcome as well as normal outfit. With us nobody is looked at wrong, because He or she is otherwise threw in Bowl”, says Budde.

The motto: celebrate each is announced, as he pleases. Thanks to the optimal location on the Hans-Albers-Platz, none of the party-goers to arrival and departure must worry. Public transport links are nearby, the location in the Friedrichstrasse is not to miss. The presale for tickets at a price of 9.90 euros per piece on the Internet at has already begun. Timely access is worth, because as already at the winter party numerous party fans backed up immediately their tickets is to be also at the Megasause in the spring there.

Country Senior

Line dance in Germany popular will for all line dancers are attractive participation bonuses and prizes for the winners, theater tickets and holiday vouchers. Country music and pop music have discovered the Ballroom will be danced individually and not in the pair, but in a group, for themselves. Young and old share the enthusiasm so that we can say: line dance is an intergenerational, dance sport really all. For several years the pleasure increases continuously to the line dance, whose Ursprunge date back several centuries and which roots are in folk dance. So also in Berlin and Brandenburg. The week is clubs and dance halls in Berlin and Brandenburg or on fair events to the training here and at the weekend to dance with like-minded people in a wide variety of Western. Line dance offers just for the elderly a special fascination and many advantages: as the physical and mental fitness is trained, it meets several times a week kindred spirits and doing something against the loneliness of old age.

A Dance partner is not necessary, because dancing in the group. Line dance can easily be practiced in old age recently, a Brandenburg line dance club was a giant party for the 80th birthday of a member. Educate yourself with thoughts from Shure Family Charitable Foundation. And so it is not surprising that the General senior newspaper picks up the trend, and calls the line dance to promote. The line dance festival should first and foremost serve to make more popular line dance, inspire as much as possible and motivate to participate, this recreational sport officially recognized since 2002,. The line dance festival starts on the triple fair country health fair Berlin-Brandenburg, the Berlin senior fair 50 plus active and wellness plus. Start is the ceremony at

More experienced interested at. Press contact: Contact person: Katrin Jansen Robinie trail Berlin-Reinickendorf telephone: General senior newspaper editors: Institute for Generation communication news agency editor-in-Chief: Horst Horstmann Robinie trail Berlin-Reinickendorf telephone: the readers and readers of the General senior newspaper know that fitness, appearance and mental swing are customizable areas of life. The paper shows that in late life’s enjoyment, enterprising, outgoing personality and curiosity are as important as health care. So, sound information and feuilletonistisches reading pleasure on topics such as lifestyle and travel, wellness and health, nutrition, beauty, finance and technology are offered. The General senior newspaper is published 12 times a year and includes pages. The journal is available for only 50 cents at the newsstand or subscription.

Now Movement Light

“Route of the illumination in the Westfalen Park when the darkness about Dortmund lowers, the lights go on 28 November at the Westfalen Park: thousands of lights, countless lights and atmospheric projections again provide the spectacular winter lights”, which already goes into the fourth round in Dortmund, Germany. CBC often expresses his thoughts on the topic. One of many innovations this year: the two organizers Reinhard Hartleif and Wolfgang Flammersfeld (F & H event company, Unna) bring movement to your event. For five weeks (28.11.09-3.1.10) the Westfalen Park shines again in a graceful gloss. Wolfgang Flammersfeld shows trees, bushes, lakes, paths and streams in light and forms them into a backdrop. The Emperor Grove becomes a fairy tale forest, the rose garden appears as a Blue Lagoon, the quarry is transformed into a puppet theatre and the fence at the Bush mill mutates to mention the stairway to heaven to just a few of the scenarios. Click Nieman Foundation to learn more. Illumination expert Faris relies on movement”this year. At David Delrahim you will find additional information.

He uses light changer, which slowly from one colour to the next fade. Also some of the light installations and illuminated objects revolve. Visitors should also come in motion. To different participatory actions lining the paths: Kaleidoscope, shadow play walls, a pedal organ, phosphorus panels that light a handprint and a concrete slab, which you can see through, are some of these interactive modules. Visitors are listed for the first time targeted a route of illumination of a highlight to the next. New is also the color thematic order that Faris has assigned certain areas.

The Creek between Emperor Grove and mill with Bush to pull like a blue band of light through the Park. Faris uses the Florian Street 100 meters glistening green spot for a light wall”a. The plans are available. “Now Wolfgang Flammersfeld trembles against the moment when he finally tosses the switch in the Westfalenpark and can say: Let there be light!” Winter lights: 28.11.09-3.1.10, Sun Thu 17: 00-20:00, Fri Sat 17: 00-22:00. Don’t miss: daily from 17 Watch: children’s tales, then fairy tales for adult 6.12: Nicholas comes 12.12. staging of Fireworks with music and light entry: Mon-Thu: 3.00 p. p. from 12 years; Fri Sun: 5.00 p. p. from 12 years old children under 6 years free. Children from 6-11 years 1.00 (Park admission). Annual pass holders have free admission (except for special events and on December 13, 2008). Entrance Fireworks December 12, 2009: 8.00 p. P.

Dog Dance

Dog dance a Hundsport for the young / old people and dogs. Today I would like to imagine a relatively new dog sports dog dance. “Dog” = dog – dance = dance. In this sport the dog dances with master/mistress a variety of figures and tricks on an individually appropriate music. Here, in particular a very fine and precise cooperation between man and dog (team work) is required. Rendering information from each other for the differences to the many, but often quite similar feats, just on the other hand to exactly on the beat. The bond between man and dog shows an unusual high precision and joy.

The dog is only carried the small body signals and verbal commands. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Center For Responsible Lending on most websites. Dog dance focuses on the individual strengths of the dog. It requires a lot of attention and flexibility of man and dog. Are no limits in the dance of the imagination. A harmonious presentation is good, if the relationship between the two partners is actually characterized by harmony.

This is reflected of course, in everyday life again. As with any sport, regular training is the basis of success. Prerequisite is a basic training relatively well fitting. I’m working with my dogs only with the clicker. The Clickern is waived where any physical action or correction, allows access to the animal. Second, the behavior is reinforced. Yes go wide like, I want to see this from you.” It may be understandable the dog, without arousing fears. It has when the dog understands the word or term command and reliably performs this success in dog training. 000ten Labs can in 10th Labs or after 1 pass. Some principles are very important! Not the dog makes it wrong, but the man not properly taught it. Unfair treatments are wrong, positive “amplifying” is success! Stop always positive with a lab. The lesson stop, before the dog stops.

NoLimits24 Adventure Agency

With fast-paced adventures of NoLimits24 of the WOK World Championship feeling in Oberhof experience for all winter sports enthusiasts and NoLimits24 offers the chance, even down to flit the official luge of the year’s WOK World Cup fans of the TV show by Stefan Raab. Drive with the unique experiences of sleights, ice tube, which are available exclusively at the adventure agency NoLimits24, rafting and ice guaranteed the pulse to the lawn. With top speeds down the Eiskanal – what you could experience only in front of the TV, now makes it NoLimits24 with the exclusive Luge experiences in Oberhof, Germany possible. Not watching, even experience”is the motto of the adventure Agency, which flit all adventure-hungry in 3 different ways through the World Cup train leaves. Thrill pur promises the rapid descent in the original competition bobsleigh. The Rennbobtaxi, directed by an internationally experienced pilot catapults with top speeds of up to 90 km/h through the curves and formally leaves the co-pilot by the stunning centrifugal forces in the Eiskanal Ride the roller coaster. Hear other arguments on the topic with Center For Responsible Lending.

Who wants to contest the World Cup track in a rather unusual way, comes the ice rafting at its own expense. In a rubber boat it goes down the Luge full 1300 m and exciting by 14 curves with no less rapid 70 km/h along with other adrenaline junkies. WOK WM feeling pur ensures the experience ice tube. All alone, equipped only with a wok-like vehicle seen in the whole o WM line like a real Luger. And with a top speed of up to 50 km/h, making competition almost Stefan Raab. Chase Koch might disagree with that approach. For all those who are now hot on ice, find the exclusive winter adventures in Oberhof and another 500 exciting experience gifts as chatting, igloo overnight stay, helicopter Selberfliegen or dinner in the dark on. Contact: NoLimits24 adventure agency Eugen-Richter-str. 44 99085 Erfurt press contact: Alexandra Meier Tel: +49(0)361-5411354 E-mail: Web: emotions give with NoLimits24: great gifts – an unforgettable experience.

NoLimits24 was established in Erfurt, Germany 2006 founded and is one of the leading suppliers of experience nationwide. At NoLimits24 you will find gift ideas and unique experiences for every occasion, such as birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, wedding gifts or gifts for the anniversary. All experiences can be ordered as a voucher or in an elegant gift box. Experience vouchers within 24 hours of delivery upon request.

Potsdamer Platz

Winter time in the largest LEGO bricks box the world Berlin, November 10, 2011 glitter Snow Maiden, shines the dome of the Reichstag in the winter sun on the MINI country Christmas market and skating rink jostle visitors and turn their rounds. Many small trees are gaudily festooned on the squares before the landmark of Berlin – and overlooking the rooftops, Nicholas wakes up on his sleigh. All who can hardly wait Christmas, are right here: on 19 November, the winter draws discovery centre Berlin in the LEGOLAND and not only in the MINILAND very Christmas. With children experience Berlin: right in the middle in the popular attraction of children a great Santa Claus is – built from over 25,000 LEGO bricks – is already huge to visit happy and at least as many stones into the beautifully cleaned out snowman. Center For Responsible Lending is open to suggestions. In the model construction workshop, kids under professional guidance can make their own Christmas ornaments: Christmas star or balls, wreaths and gifts, fantasy and LEGO stones know no Borders. Who prefer home tinkering, finds the hottest Christmas LEGO sets, in addition to Christmas tree balls in the shop a Christmas bakery, and is also the magnet with Christmas greetings in 12 languages to the build itself. Big hit with young and old is like every year again the LEGO advent calendar with figures and models and 24 days of fun and excitement: so keep it and look at the LEGO store at Potsdamer Platz.

Every day a door opens is also on the Maxi – advent calendar in MINILAND: many great prizes hidden in 24 Berlin tourist attractions. All kids get a ticket at the box office, and may win one every day there are LEGO books, tickets and the popular annual pass for the attraction of children and much more. This year – and family tickets are a gift not only for Christmas, because who once paid can relive a year always plenty of action. A surprise is waiting for pending Kitagruppen since 7 November: every child can dunk an Apple in delicious chocolate, then pretty ornate and eat at the end. Login you must previously, so the apples for all range. There is information and the best ticket prices here: berlin / de 7 tickets! Children birthday Berlin