Failed Reading Glasses And 3D Trends

New theme zones on the HKTDC Hong Kong Optical fair as a leading industry gathering reopens the HKTDC Hong Kong Optical fair from November 6 to 8 their goals and presents itself with new zones and products as a trend barometer of the industry. In the halls of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), more than 680 exhibitors (2012: 630) are expected this year. Altogether 12,800 buyers visited Kong Optical Manufacturers Association organized fair last time by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) and the Hong. Italy and China’s Hong Kong, one of the largest international exporters of optical products. Official site: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Overall, the city exported goods amounting to nearly 6 billion USD (+ 19.6%) in the period from January to August 2013.

Main markets China and the United States, followed by Japan, Korea and Germany. Hong Kong imports also increased significantly with 20.4 percent and reached a total of $ 7.1 billion. Here, China (+ 27.3%), Japan (- 22.5%) and Taiwan (+ 114.4 percent) were the most important Import markets. German schlang was occupying rank seven of the importing countries. The strong position of the metropolis in the optical industry reflects the fair program. The reading glasses are newly introduced this year”and the 3D & kids eyewear” zone. By the functional glasses, reading glasses has become a popular fashion accessory.

It is also fashion statement and expression of personality. This consumer demand the organizers with the introduction of reading glasses “zone meet. The trend topic of 3D is worth the trade fair an own presentation and together with exhibitors from children’s glasses, the new zone provides an overview of two strongly growing market segments. Large international brands can be found in the brand popular name Gallery”. The theme zone has established itself as one of the main attractions of the fair. 2012 here 166 companies from 20 countries and regions presented their products, including the Ferdinand Menrad GmbH + Co. KG in Schwabisch Gmund with premium brands such as Jaguar, Davidoff and Menrad. To the further areas of the fair include: contact lenses & accessories diagnostic instruments, eyeglasses, frames & lenses glasses accessories optometry instruments, equipment & machinery, sports & professional glasses of commercial services interesting seminar program allows visitors an overview of the latest industry trends and developments. At the 11th Hong Kong optometric Conference market experts about topics of the future of the industry, doctors and manufacturers Exchange. Visitors can also experience the products at the various shows and take a look at the future of eyewear fashion at the presentation of submissions for the 15th Hong Kong Eyewear Design Competition.


Premier classic watches, the line is the Japanese watchmaker Willich, October 6, 2011. In the fall of 2011, Seiko extends its premier collection to new, more refined models. Watch Premier is characterised by the synthesis of classical and modern elements. for partial explanations. The design is inspired by the world of Art Deco. The harmony of seeming opposites is evident in watches that combine new technologies and architectural design. The housing of the new models are rounded, the dials structured renewed crowns and the limbs of the metal bands are smaller, making the watches are comfortably on the wrist. Precious cabochon Crown adorn the sides of the casing of the watches. The watches are waterproof and equipped with scratch-resistant sapphire glass 10 bar.

The kinetic perpetual series is at the heart of the collection. Kinetic watches use the kinetic energy of the vehicle and turn them into power with a tiny generator. In a question-answer forum Center for Responsible Business was the first to reply. The power is used to drive the movement, while too much energy generated is stored. Caliber 7D48 offers a perpetual calendar to February 2100 Automatic leap year correction and is equipped with the kinetic auto relay function. When wearing the watch for a period of 24 hours off the wrist, they switch for up to four years in a “sleep mode”. If the clocks are moved again, the pointer will automatically at the correct time.

The perpetual calendar is continually updated and powered by the world’s smallest ultrasonic motor, measuring just 0.4 mm. The ultrasonic motor is the only driving force in the mechanical gear train of the perpetual calendar, which in addition to the date displays even months and leap years and offers a 24-hour display. The calendar is controlled by a photo sensor. The sensor detects certain marks on the gears and determines therefore day, month, year and leap years.

Third Christina Duxa Ladies Lunch Good Nice Connect Is Tradition

Exclusive ladies lunch in favor of the Foundation Deutsche stroke-Hilfe Dusseldorf Delbruck, already for the third time Christina Duxa invites September 29, 2011 on October 12, 2011, to the exclusive ladies lunch this year in Dusseldorf. Top entrepreneurs and VIPs from economics, politics and showbiz gather in the refined atmosphere of the InterContinental Dusseldorf, to help the Foundation German stroke help a joint charity luncheon. In addition to the organiser Christina Duxa, Liz Mohn, President of the German stroke help, the Foundation will inform about the important work of the Foundation. Further programme points are an exclusive fashion show of Cotoure labels Christina DAS with jewels in the jewel forged of Jirgens and elegant Legwear of Wolford, as well as the subsequent auction of precious gems for a good cause. The RTL-presenter Frauke Ludowig leads through the day. The fashion designer Christina Duxa is committed to the task, to support the German stroke help Foundation with the ladies lunch 2010 launched by her and to raise public awareness of the issue of stroke. In Germany alone, more than 250,000 people each year suffer a stroke.

A stroke of fate, which can affect anyone, even young people, even children. Our Patron Liz Mohn and I are grateful that so many women of power such as Prof. Dr. Ulrike Detmers, Meste maker GmbH, Regine Sixt, Sixt AG, Margit Tonnies, Tonnies food, Marlies Wortmann, Wortmann/Tamaris and Dr. Ute-Henriette Ohoven by the Foundation of UNESCO of our invitation are followed and help us to support the important work of the Foundation”, so Christina Duxa. The German stroke help Foundation has established the place of a stroke pilot in summer of this year in peace Horst near Bremen, Germany.

The controller ensures that parents of affected children and young people can find the right contact person for their multiple problems quickly and without detours. In this difficult time they are centrally captured thanks to the pilot project and get help and advice from first hand. This important pilot project would we support lunch with the donations and revenue of the ladies to the well-being of affected children and their families”, explains Christina Duxa. Already the first ladies lunch in May 2010 in Gutersloh and another in November 2010 in the Bavarian court in Munich met with great response. In addition to information about the diagnosis, guests enjoy a choice program, through which runs the popular RTL-presenter Frauke Ludowig stroke and the work of the German stroke help Foundation. According to a Taittinger champagne reception and a delicious lunch, guests can expect a musical piano deposit of two award winning highly gifted children of music school subito and one fashion show. Christina Duxa is her new collection”with jewels from Jirgens Juwelenschmiede and elegant Legwear of luxury brand Wolford black & white present. Some exclusive pieces of jewellery can then be auctioned for the benefit of the Foundation in a subsequent auction. Even the Heidi provides talented artist Wang three images for the auction and shows their works in an exhibition. The high-profile charity event is supported by numerous reputable companies. The sponsors the Hotel InterContinental Dusseldorf, the jewel forged of Jirgens, Meste maker GmbH, Sixt AG, Tonnies food, Wolford, Wortmann/Tamaris and the artist include Wang Heidi. For additional information, interview requests and printable image material please contact the press office. Dr.

Lingerie And Lingerie – Not Only Whites

Germany is a largely unknown term types and materials of lingerie and lingerie lingerie. It means the same as lingerie and is common in many countries. What types of lingerie there is? What materials are they made mostly. A brief insight into the history of lingerie. Lingerie, Word originating from the French means the same as also French “Lingerie” today, but while the latter has a slightly wicked or erotic connotation, sounds lingerie pure, neutral and also much nicer than the German label lingerie or lingerie. Lingerie includes all kinds of lingerie, from the functional over the sports to the elegant and extravagant clothes, and also the lingerie.

All pieces of underwear be worn under the outer clothing directly on the skin. These clothes must be washed regularly because of the skin contact, and were therefore until the beginning of the 20th century almost made exclusively from white, unstained or bleached natural fabrics such as cotton or linen, which could be washed at high temperatures. Today is a wealth not only to different species but also on materials and colors to choose from. Different items of clothing are among the lingerie. Certainly, the panties, that exist depending on the form as jazz pants, Huftslip, String, Tanga and more models are the most common. The difference is in the cut and the amount of material used. For many women indispensable the bra is bra for support and shaping the breast, where according to the model of the breast can be visually resized, or for various sports extra protected against unwanted vibrations, short.

Vests also belong to the lingerie, as bodysuits, which can cover the entire body and take over not only the function of vest and pants, but also by the BRA. Leggings cover the legs, as well as the tights or Stockings, but without part of the foot. Corsets, corsets and Corselets, which support the hull forms are less common. In addition to the different styles, as white poppy stained, romantic with lace trims, plain, etc., there are also the functional underwear, where it arrives first and foremost on their functionality, although they in modern shapes and colours also occur. Its purpose is primarily to transport occurring during sports sweat from the skin surface, so that the athlete does not freeze away. Functional underwear is made from synthetic materials such as microfibre, in contrast to many other lingerie articles consisting of natural fibres, cotton or silk.

The Power Of The Gems

Perhaps, the belief in the healing power of gemstones is just superstition. And if not? There are gems only assets or at best beautiful stone jewelry for many people. Gems have very different values. If you are not convinced, visit Boy Scouts. For millions of years, the stones, in secret, are deep down in the Earth. So, they had a long time to absorb energy. Already in the stone age people of the power of the stones did. They wore the stones as talismans.

They protect from diseases or evil influences. In addition, the gems reinforced various properties of the wearer. The amulets were strong or brave, or should just plain good luck. Gems in the medicine and astrology have been used for ages. Hildegard of Bingen is probably the most famous man who dealt extensively with precious stones and their effect on people already in the middle ages. So, increases the intuition of the Amethyst and helps with headaches. A rock crystal inner blockages. The Garnet strengthens the innards and the life energy.

He is also available for a spiritual harmony in relationships. The lapis lazuli relieves tensions, fears and shyness, and is helpful in bronchial problems. The Rose Quartz teaches you to love yourself. You want to strengthen teeth and bones, or needs help in times of crisis, you should pick up a black Onyx. The green jade stone helps with nightmares and strengthens the heart. These are just a few, a few examples. Of course, all the other beautiful gems have their unique importance. Many people hold the power of the gems for humbug, others swear by its healing power. Maybe it is just a placebo effect, scientifically proven nothing can be unfortunately. But if someone is open for new, and with him an improvement or even cure arrives, why then not. The fact is, that many trace elements and minerals, from which there are gems in the human body are found. Every one must only look what stone to him fits and works with him. Order only in the wholesale silver chains and wait for. SID Kroker