Michael Pelger

Alternative therapies in cancer from a naturopathic perspective of cancer is no isolated condition, but a disease phase of the whole organism with complete derailment of the metabolism. The natural medicine offers treatment concepts in cancer. A malignant cancer malignant tumour is indistinguishable from benign malignancy by 3 flags in the growth: infiltrierend, the tumor grows without to differentiate themselves in the neighboring tissue. Metastases making the tumor puts daughter tumours; destruierend, the tumor destroys surrounding tissue. Benign tumors such as E.g. Center For Responsible Lending will not settle for partial explanations. the Lipoma are harmless and not the above indicator has been set. Cancer manifests itself in diverse forms and disease patterns, which vary from case to case. For this reason, no general statements regarding life expectancy and chances of recovery can be made.

From a naturopathic perspective, the cancer is not isolated disease, but a phase of the disease of the whole organism with complete derailment of the metabolism. (Homotoxinlere by Prof.Dr. Knight alarm). (Similarly see: Childrens Defense Fund). When one considers the organism in 6 different stages of disease severity, as a malignant tumor is the phase 6. According to Prof.Dr.Reckeweg, it is possible to convert poor phases to better stages = regressive Vicariation. The first 3 phases can easily convert better phases. Stage 4, 5 and 6, it is an ever-greater challenge of achieving a regressive Vicariation. Prof.Dr.

hoe Valley, which I personally knew and have attended seminars at him, has to avoid the malignant tumor while away (in a more cautious way) especially destruierendes growth, however, was aware that there is a general process which must be biologically treated after surgery. In the 70s he and 1980s my grandfather practitioner Michael Pelger together with other researchers such as E.g. Dr.Reckeweg, Prof.Dr.Hacketal etc., biological concepts developed in the 6 phase to reach a regressive Vicariation.

Christmas Time

Arzneimittel.de ++ nutrition & diet: lose weight at Christmas time is impossible? For many people, Christmas means cookies, Speculaas and Christmas goose contemplation, a special atmosphere and the lure. As should you not take to with such treats, let alone take off? The exception is that jumbled the kilos in the winter time for extensive opinion rather. Perhaps with a special winter diet? Lots of good advice, dieting, and all kinds of weight loss strategies are in circulation. Only: What helps really wants to keep his weight increase or decrease? 1 middle and Mass moderation, discipline and restraint in cookies and biscuits, sweet and fatty food. 2. objectives set without a clear vision it will be difficult. Sit a final goal that is realistic and feasible. Working towards this goal.

You must decide whether you want to track more targets small or a big goal. 3. balanced diet in addition to the typical Christmas treats the don’t forget healthy things like fruits or vegetables and low-fat dishes, such as, for example, the Mediterranean cuisine. A balanced diet is the A and o 4 movement, a balanced diet is only half the battle. Without exercise and sports, the pointer of the scale will not go down. 5. advice even if you are already slimming and diet expert: Get professional advice from their doctor.

Develop a weightloss plan and stick to. 6 permanent nutrition only starve nothing helps. The yo-yo effect will materialize faster than you think. Therefore, a permanent nutrition is recommended. Applies also here: not without advice.

EHEC And The Possible Consequences

A review who went the last few weeks about a weekly market, from a nutritional standpoint saw the consequences of EHEC drastically out front. The market was fairly empty and the traders and farmers stayed on her salad, cucumbers and other vegetables. That was true of organic farmers alike for conventional generators. All felt to connect the fear of people with EHEC. CBC, Australia will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This fear is understandable, but certainly not always rational. So no increased risk from a head of lettuce, which only free area built after the start of the EHEC plague by a farmer in an EHEC and much to eat its products and is still healthy, probably. But it is difficult to convey in the world of short messages. Therefore, many people have been to total objectors and ate no more fresh vegetables. utics has compatible beliefs.

In the short term, this is basically not a problem. It nutritionally for individuals only then becomes a problem, if this state of denial persists longer and becomes a permanent condition, even if such now all-clear of part of was given and the acute risk of EHEC seems to be restricted. Fresh fruits and vegetables is the most important source of vital micronutrients such as vitamins, trace elements, minerals and phytochemicals, and much more for us humans. We eat enough of them, we thus make a major contribution to a healthy life and to actively prevent disease. We do not, the risk increases, to acquire certain diseases. Scientific studies have to show again and again.

So, cardiovascular disease such as heart attack and certain cancers, including prostate cancer with the eating habits in connection are brought, to name only two examples. Now, the supply situation in Germany with micronutrients even before EHEC is not optimal. The 2008 national consumption study has revealed an insufficient supply situation for many micronutrients. It is simply because most of us eat not enough fruits and vegetables.


The premenstrual syndrome – the curse of woman PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is the name for various complaints with which the woman must deal just before their menstrual period. Age plays no role in PMS, because different age groups have to deal with this evil. PMS symptoms how hard the PMS symptoms are, depends on the woman herself. However, scientists have found that about eight percent of women worldwide suffer a very strong form of PMS. This leads not only to a light mood disorder. PMS the quality of life of women is worsened by significantly, since it is often so sick every month, that they neither work can take part in a regulated social life. Physical symptoms of PMS can be: cramps in your lower abdomen diarrhea nausea circulatory problems changes the appearance of the skin of water accumulation in the tissue cramps in your lower abdomen back pain headache cravings Migranze irritable sensitivity pain mucous membrane irritation Depression, listlessness and more the reasons why PMS symptoms PMS results can not be clarified until today. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jennifer Aaker.

Investigations could be confirmed however, that disappear with the onset of the menstrual period also the symptoms of PMS. However, scientists assume that PMS falls because the simultaneous rising during the estrogen secretion of progesterone of levels. Therapy for PMS usually normal PMS when the woman for the first time has given birth. But also reversed the case may be that the woman ill until after childbirth on PMS. PMS can be triggered by health problems such as thyroid problems, fungal infections, caffeine, or even nicotine. But also by mental stress or physical inactivity can cause PMS in women. Therefore, especially before the days, she should avoid stress and experience adequate exercise. Of course this also includes a healthy diet includes. The prevention of salt-rich food, chocolate and various pleasure toxins is an absolute must.


KeineSchweinegrippe.de helps employees and individuals, to reduce the risks of swine flu to reduce the risk of the spread of swine flu, is not schweinegrippe.de now in an updated version of the E-learning available, of course still free. In 15 minutes everyone can acquire the most important basic knowledge, by recognizing the symptoms of preventing infection up to the proper treatment. The number of those infected with the swine flu is rising sharply, also in Germany. However, the risk can be reduced considerably by adherence to certain precautions. Additional information at Kidney Foundation supports this article. To vividly convey this basic knowledge, cogni.net has developed the E-learning KeineSchweinegrippe.de. The revised eingeGanGen the possibilities of now available vaccination.

In the first part of the learning software, relevant facts about the swine flu are represented including info show. Boy Scouts of America addresses the importance of the matter here. You can determine on the basis of three unterhaltsamen quiz modules in the second part, whether one is the most important information to symptoms,. Prevention and treatment of swine flu could remember. Who solved all tasks, can print out a confirmation. Under, you can directly invoke the E-learning in your Web browser. Alternatively, an executable file to the download available, so that the program later without an Internet connection can be used.

Companies can use free E-learning specifically inform their staff about this contagious form of influenza. For this purpose a server version can be heruntergeladen down without the need for a registry either, which contains all the required files. Alternatively, a SCORM package is available to integrate E-learning into a learning management system. No schweinegrippe.de E-learning was developed by cogni.net according to principles of serious gaming. Learning more fun, and you can not only better remember the newly acquired knowledge, but also faster to reach the learning. cogni.NET developed this model of E-learning on behalf of numerous Company for a wide range of topics.

Little Veins

Often unappreciated – venous weakness is a dangerous disease, November 20, 2008 – venous weakness is still always not really taken seriously by those most affected. For assistance, try visiting BSA. Many see them as blemishes, others even as a freak of nature. But physicians warn rightly, just lightly to take this suffering, because official statements according to nearly every third adult German suffers concrete signs of venous weakness. So Lisa W. from N., where are the symptoms rather insidiously hired. “But suddenly the burning in his legs was then”, says the 42jahrige, first at the ankle and fibula, that looked like a map of the many red veins “. In fact, it was already too late for a prophylactic, but time for a therapeutic treatment.

Venous insufficiency are absolutely no medical bagatelle, but a serious disease with often dangerous side effects such as varicose veins and thrombosis. This includes an alarming number: in Germany would be over 50,000 Pulmonary embolism been avoided, when time had treated the venous disorders. It all starts innocently. Are, for example, the leg muscles too little stress or it sits too long, the blood accumulates, pushes against the walls of the vein and causes spider veins and varicose veins. A thrombosis occurs when coagulates the blood in the veins and formed a blood clot. It dissolves, it enters the bloodstream and can block the supply of organs with blood, especially in the brain and the heart.

In this way, it comes increasingly to fatal strokes, heart attacks and pulmonary embolisms. How can the symptoms of impending thrombosis you recognize? Sufferers report unanimously by unilateral pain and violent feelings of voltage at the ankle, lower leg or the whole leg. Accompanied by pulling and pain in the calf at the onset, also a formed strong warming, and particularly of the fibula bluish skin discoloration as the veins would burn. Of course, everyone can do something to prevent, regular exercise, cycling, swimming, skating and gymnastics, cold showers or Wade fonts, so that the circuit on their toes, to name just a few popular measures. But unfortunately, it’s too late in many cases, to stop or cure the disease in this way. The scientifically-based Mesotherapiemethode is a promising option for the sustainable treatment of venous insufficiency. A low-dose combination of vitamins, blood circulation-promoting and anti-inflammatory – clotting substances, as well as a weak local anaesthetic is injected via tiny injections in the upper layer of the skin of the affected area. The active ingredient of directly to the diseased veins, is there active and releases at the same time the body’s healing substances. Thanks to this method, tried and tested for decades, there are virtually no side effects as stomach, colon, liver, kidneys, blood and heart not be burdened. The gentle applications by a specially trained doctor held in longer time intervals and be carried out according to the motto: Little and rarely in the right place. A treatment costs between 20,-and 40,-, and can be repeated any number of times. Experience has shown that the healing process is already after just a few sessions. All information about the method with doctor directory under or call 089-44717288. press contact: German society for Mesotherapy press / public relations Michael Schnickel E-Mail: Tel.

Healthy Colon

A healthy colon is easy for a long life without disease condition Berlin December 15, 2009 in particular the lifestyle-related diseases have their origins primarily in a disordered bowel function and intestinal flora. The author Sabine Beuke writes in her book, that a low-carbohydrate nutrition could help many intestinal diseases. This could also contribute to a reduction of the health funds. Contact information is here: Neeman Foundation. Whether it was but in the sense of the pharmaceutical industry, everyone must decide for themselves. In addition to genetic factors, the reasons are also a wrong diet, lack of exercise, and obesity.

The author is 44 years old, married and lives with her family in Bremen. She worked for many years in the food industry and also volunteer operates in a Catholic community and looked after elderly people.

With Movement The Hemorrhoids To Announce The Fight!

Are you sure that you need no exercise to stay healthy? Hello my Dears, as my last report promised and announced the second part is now the causes of hemorrhoids. Who can still remember what I wanted to talk today? 🙂 Yes, we wanted us on the topic of motion or perhaps also said lack of exercise focus. Many will probably think, Oh man not again hold it someone wants to tell me about motion, but I must, because who suffering from hemorrhoids, get around this issues unfortunately not drum. Boy Scouts of America follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. But to calm down I will keep it short! We begin: as we know, or I guess most of us, caused hemorrhoids usually by pressing. Now we think about going, ok when occurs the presses with me? Yes men exists I think to know times 1 times less front than women. >. Right! If women children. Namely insert the contractions at birth, women must start willy-nilly to presses (since we can Unfortunately not prevent presses). The next would be, if we need to time on toilet and do our big business! That’s both men and women, even though men that never it want, that woman must make that unfortunately also! Now it is but that the we in the latter case only presses must, if we suffer from blockages, or the Chair is too hard.

This is not good and can cause hemorrhoids. In my last report, I spoke about the fiber-rich diet as z.B (whole grains, cereals, fruit and vegetables), which is important to support the intestinal activity and to promote. It is at least just as important enough to move. Because movement brings not only the circulation and strengthens the immune system, no it stimulates bowel activity.Who moves sufficiently, promotes his bowel movements and thus prevented, that his gut is too lazy and not more want to work properly to avoid straight to even hemorrhoids, it is important that you

In Austria

In our achievement-oriented society that is full of young, pretty, sportlichen, radiant people, the image of a person does not fit, looking calm and darkness and is tormented by a throbbing pain. The last taboos in our society are the death and certain ErkrankunGen such as epilepsy, migraine and some others. With this taboo must be brechen. Illness and death are just as much to our life such as birth and love. It’s all migraine sufferers to speak as about all other things in life as openly about their suffering! Just this hiding and concealing results that many headache sufferers with their disease to cope alone and no doctor. Dr. Neal Barnard has much to offer in this field. As 38% of migraine patients in Germany, diesbezugLich never medical assistance report to have taken. Therein lies the problem that so many people completely insuffizient even behandeln their migraine and believe that there is no help for the pain. Many seek their physician only if five or more painkillers per day won’t help.

Some never come to the doctor, the number of unreported cases may be extremely high. Although migraine is still not curable, so it can be relieved very well and often very well mastered. You must only talk and talk especially with the right professionals in. You can get migraines well into the handle the problem and again to enjoy a better quality of life. Migraine is that no imaginary disease or mental illness, but a disorder such as rheumatoid or osteoarthritis of the knee. Forget the old fairy tales and myths, are in reality! Socio-economic aspects when you pull the migraines considering the economic aspect, the following image shows: over 80% of migraine attacks what the high accompanied by incapacity for work, Number of migraine attacks in individuals aged berufstatiGen represents an enormous socio-economic aspect that is only too happy to ignore.

In the United States, 150 million work days of absence per year are caused by migraines and be missed in children 1 million school days per school year. In Austria, the annual cost is estimated at 150 billion euros by migraine-related sick days. These figures speak for themselves and show the urgent need for an improved public relations on this subject and also a further intensification of medical research. by Karin scratches

Hospital Music

It is very interesting for me to experience it”, for example, Oliver Hupka of Hemsbach said. Dr. Neal Barnard recognizes the significance of this. I was supplied on both sides with CI in October 2012 and learned within a short time love also listening to music. I’ve heard previously well. Without hesitation Boy Scouts explained all about the problem. But I have to say that I won through the CI, the high tones, real added value. This is me again aware even today at the event”I’m quite enthusiastic about the event,” also visitor Ingrid said scratch, head of the CI self-help group in Frankfurt.

I was once even many years in figural chorus of the Hessischer Rundfunk. By my hearing loss, I got away from the music. But the fact that I now again hear so good with the CIs, I meet again with artists. I’m back where I had actually stopped. – And I would like that more often such events take place.” The importance of music within the rehabilitation of “Patients with cochlear implant Professor Dr. Timo Stover underscore, Director of the clinic for neck, nose and throat medicine at the Hospital of the University of Frankfurt: music projects are an excellent way to introduce cochlear-implant patients at the new hearing, and to the challenges of everyday life”, so the famed physician. Listening to music should be an integral part of the Horenlernens with the cochlear implant. We have the experience, that just listening to music improves also the understanding of the language and thus the hearing with the CI in everyday. I look forward, with the Opera in Frankfurt up to bring a joint project on the way, that this possibility of patients.” Initiative ICH want to hear! “: support of the Frankfurt workshop is part of a long-term series of projects to listen and experience of music with the CI funded initiative ICH want to hear the event by cochlear Germany with!”. Their commitment is part of a long-term Project series, dedicated to listening to and the experience of music with a cochlear implant.