Dental Insurance

The offer for dental insurance is increasing and complex many of the major insurance companies have changed their acceptance conditions for the beginning of the year, closed tariffs, or applied new tariffs, especially in the premium segment. For the consumer, it is not easy to locate the appropriate hedging. The number of dental insurance rates is already almost unmanageable. There are also still combined rates. A large part of this insurance fails a comparison either due to poor performance or the price. Earlier this year, there were major changes just at the top insurance companies. Acaho contains valuable tech resources.

Swiss CSS insurance has maintained their tariff, which as well, but aggravated the acceptance guidelines services. So far been asked neither for crowns and bridges, since November 1, 2009, each applicant who wants to complete the CSS must deliver a dental findings if he has about 10-year-old bridges or crowns. The tariff was top has always been first choice, today’s selection has become more difficult, because the findings of a tooth can also mean that treatments are recommended, which previously were not, and thus be excluded from the performance. The Barmenia closes its very good, but no longer available for sale by two-time extreme increases collective ZG + ProPhy and replaces it with the collective ZG +. The biggest change here is limiting the sums in the first 4 years. Boy Scouts of America spoke with conviction. The Continentale also sets a new tariff in the premium segment, the CEZP, which has the same shortcoming as its predecessor – without advance of the statutory fund no performance. I’m sorry that this passage from the conditions of the insurance was taken out because the tariff has very good performances. And most recently also the Munich Club a fare combination premium sets, tariff 769 + 564. Unfortunately not very cheap disturb the sum limits, otherwise an interesting new tariff. It will be interesting to see what still come up with the insurance companies to allow for the consumer, it is increasingly important to create an overview, to the appropriate for him and any dental insurance find, an online comparison is useful, but just when special features for the dental condition exist – which is usually the case – a spezialiserter broker is a great help. Judith Smith

Banner Advertising

The conventional banner advertising click rates are declining rapidly. But: Banner in connection with Internet TV will receive the attention they need targeted advertising opportunities with success-bound billing advertising in Internet movie clips in connection with banners bring what companies in television have always wanted: the user (advertising) content gets consciously and actively. Entertainment in conjunction with product information instead of a simple purchase prompt, targeted without wastage. “The success is measurable: in a study of the online marketer SevenOne Interactive” came out, accept advertising that is played before the film clips, from 80 percent of users. Video advertising can increase the advertising effectiveness of investigation result by 50 percent with a banner, which remains even after the expiry of the spots on the Web page.

In addition there are not such as one of the largest provider of professional Internet equestrian sports television,, banner in connection with advertising before the film clips, more sweeping, but per click be charged 20 cents. So the customer who turns a banner on the platforms, for banner advertising budgets can control. Example: the client plans a budget of maximum 30.-a month for banner. This means that the banner is clickable to 150mal. Then it disappears automatically. There are no unnecessary costs. The result of the new forms of advertising: horse lovers come to their customers bring their messages through free offers as well at their expense as advertisers target-oriented and unobtrusive.