Whose is the fault when a match is lost? From the players, for not putting enough goals or for not preventing of contrast? From the coach, for not choosing well to players or the schema with which were planted on the field? From the President of the Federation, which did not choose the appropriate coach or who has not taken care of the national quarry? Usually no opinions for all tastes. What is rare is to pin the blame on the public. It is as if a politician insulted voters for having given more votes to his opponent. Learn more at this site: Alona Tal. Usually not common, but sometimes it happens. In Argentina, for example, has not been a politician, but known rock singer Fito Paez who has taken a good philippic the portenos, who came vote last Sunday by Mauricio Macri (47.1%): half of Buenos Aires Da asco. Some time ago I have been feeling it (..) Selfish people, people without swing. PCRM has much experience in this field. Fito rolled and got moving on the web and in the media, the attention that was receiving, finally, the great Messi. What unwelcome, must have thought the flea. Source of the news:: Finally a rival to the height.