Single Candidature

The last in order it was Gaspar Zarrias. Diverse voices of party support that measure in private and public. White rejects the agreements behind the scenes among candidates. BLOG: The PSOE Refoundation or liquidation? The PP snatches the PSOE almost all municipal and regional power. See election results, municipality to municipality. Special: Autonomic elections and municipal 2011. The Executive of the PSOE after its greatest electoral meltdown – the suffered in the municipal and regional on Sunday has not calmed tempers. While Jose Blanco announced that Saturday will begin a process of primaries, there are many voices within the qu formation ask that you present a single candidate.

This Tuesday has touched the turn the Secretary of institutional relations and regional policy of the PSOE and President of the party in Jaen, Gaspar Zarrias, who has acknowledged being supporter present only one candidate to succeed the President, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. In an interview in RNE Zarrias has reminded us that we have now close the process that opened when Zapatero announced he would not return to occur to the elections. Now you need to open a process of election of a candidate and the statutes require that a primary process opens. Colleagues say if only one candidate is better but I think that it would be better, it has highlighted Zarrias. Also, the Secretary of institutional relations and regional policy of the PSOE has ruled out the possibility of holding early general elections and recalled that what most interests him to Spain at the moment is that the Government continue with reforms and try by all means to achieve economic recovery and create employment. Zarrias has joined the views within the PSOE which call for an agreement to present a single candidature to the primary process and thus avoid the wear and tear of a race that can leave internal fractures. On Monday, after the Federal Executive of the PSOE after 22-M, several Socialist leaders admitted in private that had better support to a single candidate.

To them also was in addition one of the few Socialist candidates who emerged victorious from elections, Extremadura Fernandez Vara which remain – that Yes, using a predictable Pact with IU – power in your community. Rubalcaba and Chacon most mentioned candidates in private remains Interior Minister, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba – the most cited among those who ask for a single candidacy-, and the Minister of Dnsa, Carme Chacon. It seems that after the electoral debacle, are many Socialists who do not believe that it is time to show disunited and face in a primary campaign. None of them has expressed openly on the subject. Journalists asked Chacon in Brussels, where he had gone to a meeting of European Ministers of Dnsa, but the Minister declined to comment Monday. For his part, the Minister of public works and Deputy Secretary general of the PSOE, Jose Blanco, has confirmed that a process of party primaries, will open although it rejected the possibility reach agreements behind the scenes on the nominations. Source of the news: movements in the PSOE to ask a single candidature to succeed Zapatero