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J.Y.O. The island of Sark is one of the best places to make tourism astronomical. The amount of light that projects towards the sky is residual. There are asphalt roads, nor no automobiles and the public lighting system is nonexistent. Sark Island is a small island located in the English Channel that has been recognized by the International Dark-Sky Association like the first dark sky island of the world, authenticates which it like one of the best zones to make tourism astronomical, a modality more and more in fashion. When the recognition was made official, in last February, Roger Davies, president of the Royal Astronomical Society, it declared: " This it is a great profit for Sark. People worldwide more and more are fascinated by astronomy as we are discovering more about our universe, and the designation of the first dark sky island of the world in the British islands only can help to increase this appetite. I hope that this takes many more people to undergo the wonders of a truly dark sky.

Question of light Just by five kilometers in length and one maximum width of two kilometers, this small piece of dependent land of the British crown guarantees calm vacations in the middle of one of the most colorful coasts worldwide. In Sark there are asphalt roads, nor no automobiles and the public lighting system also is nonexistent, one of the reasons by which the amount of light that projects towards the sky is residual. In addition, the 600 neighbors, conscious of the economic potential of the astronomical tourism, have adapted the illumination of houses and establishments not to obstruct the vision of the firmament. The plan of integral management of the illumination created by Jim Patterson, of the Institute of Engineers in Illumination, allows to perfectly contemplate the Milky Route in all their extension, besides a countless number of stars and meteors. Tourist industry Located little less than to 130 kilometers of the South coast of England, Sark is smallest of the four main islands of the Channel and last European territory in abolishing the feudalism. The main source of income is the tourism, although also some farming activities are realised. The numerous tourists who visit Sark, mainly in summer, can choose between one varied supply of lodgings, that goes from small hotels awarded by its enchantment, to campings or typical you see and breakfast. Sark does not have airport, so that the unique form to accede to the island is in boat, or from Guernsey or Jersey. The first route is more advisable, although the airport of the island of Jersey has more aerial connections. Source of the news: The paradise of onlookers is in the English Channel

Movement Quot

The Public prosecutor Superior of the Community of Madrid, Manuel Moix, has attacked east Tuesday against the Movement 15-M. He thinks that with his protests he is ignoring the principle of democratic coexistence. Aguirre loads against ' indignados' and he says that therefore the coup d’etats are forged. The public prosecutor superior of the Community of Madrid, Manuel Moix, has attacked east Tuesday against the Movement 15M when considering that with its protests the fundamental principle of democratic coexistence is being unknown, and has said that they are the institutions those that must eradicate those behaviors. Moix is rrido to 15M, without explicitly naming it, during its message in the opening of Judicial Year 2012 of the Community of Madrid, where it has explained that " they are the institutions those that they have entrusted the function to eradicate everything to act that it harms the constitutional norms that govern the relations between espaoles". For the public prosecutor of Madrid, conducts like the massive illegal occupation of the public thoroughfares, to prevent autonomic parliaments or local corporations, democratically chosen by the citizens, or to prevent to execute firm judicial resolutions, " they deslegitiman to that thus they act and in this way they express his ignorance on the values that must inspire the coexistence democrtica". " None derecho" , not even the rights recognized like fundamental, are " absoluto" , it has affirmed Moix, after which it has asserted that all the rights have their limits, and first it is the respect to the rights of the others. When finalizing the act, Moix has clarified that has set out a situation that has taken place recently and that, according to him, people do not have to see like " a normality in the coexistence, but like something anormal".

It has needed that to fail to fulfill a judicial decision it can be a crime of disobedience to the judicial authority, as also &quot is a crime to occupy a public thoroughfare illegally; because I want, by my voluntad". " Entendida&quot has been a bad tolerance; , since never it is possible to be gotten along with the violators because the one that infringes the law takes the consequent correction, has thought. In the presence of president of the Court Superior of Justice of Madrid, Francisco Javier Scallop, the president of the Community, Hope Aguirre, and the delegate of the Government, Dolores Carrin, the public prosecutor has stood out who a behavior institutional that can be interpreted like " pasividad" , " tolerancia" and even " affection with infractores" , traslucira " debilidad" and " desconfianza" . On the other hand, Carrin has indicated when concluding the act that has not understood the words of Moix like a critic to its management against the protests of the Movement 15M, since he is " in agreement completely with l" . Carrin is addition that the Delegation of the Government has fulfilled at any moment the law, and that when it has not been fulfilled the Police has identified the violators and has stopped the people who have harmed the law. Asked on the numerous requests of resignation that have been made him arrive from the opposition and police unions by their management, the delegate has recognized who has been " some advisor and some consejera" they have asked for that it, but that she does not enter to think on the matter. Source of the news: The public prosecutor of Madrid attacks against 15-M by " to ignore values democrticos"

Civilian Rights Movement

Reality Returns ace to Dream’ it is the first exhibition of George Tooker (1920-2011) after his death in March. It portrayed the oppression and the deshumanizante side of the progress, that opposed to scenes of hope and kindness. It painted only 170 pictures. The sample is an opportunity to see a work mainly scattered by private collections. Scenes of the modern anguish: winches and corridors of meter that seem jails, people doing tail in ticket offices with civil servants that watch with suspicion after the window, men deeply sleepy in a waiting room George Tooker (1920-2011) were a spiritual painter, became involved in a silence that destined perhaps it to more not being known.

In addition, its artistic race is reduced to 170 pictures, many of them in collections private and, therefore, difficult to see. The DC Moore Gallery of New York exposes Reality Returns ace to Dream (the reality returns turned into dream), the first posthumous sample of the work of the New York artist, deceased in March of this year. It painted thinking about human condition and all their production are fruit of personal reflections. For assistance, try visiting Boy Scouts of America. Their pictures show the dark side of the progress, the alienation and the aspects that dehumanize to the individual in a demanding and more and more less comprehensive society. In spite of everything she was a lover of the human being and although the dark was frequent, also there was place in his work for the hug and the happiness of one night to the flat one.

Cubicles of office populated with desperation faces the exhibition, an occasion to contemplate a work so scattered and hidden, are a tribute to enigmatic imagery and the luminous technique of Tooker, that since it began in the Forties used for all works the tmpera to the egg, a method of Renaissance inspiration stops figures of classic sensitivity, but in not at all harmonic scenes. Cubicles of office populated with desperation faces, human beings who walk in pajamas between buckets numbered and piled up Tooker persecuted small essential truths with subtle details and gestures. Besides the universal situations and of the general symbolism, the images had to do with the time in that it lived. Many of their scenes express the uncertainty of the cold War. Also it approached the racial oppression and conflicts that took to him to become jumbled in the Civilian Rights Movement (Movement by the Civil Rights). It tried to portray the world with as much force, that the ideas for to their visited it pictures while slept and were in a dyed reality of onricos elements: ” I look for the reality printed in the mind. I look for it with as much intensity that returns in dreams, but are not dreams nor fantasy which retrato”. Source of the news: Posthumous exhibition for the painter who played with absurd and the magical thing of the reality.

National Foundation

The Ministry of Culture gave to its prizes Tuesday. The components of dueto Amaral did not go to pick up the prize. It watches the complete list of the winners of the National Prizes. The zaragozano pair Amaral has decided to donate the 30,000 Euros of the National Prize of Culture to the Foundation Vicente Ferrer, according to has confirmed the organization. Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre received the prize in October, and had to the past pick up it Tuesday in the Beautiful Seu of Lleida in the presence of the princes of Asturias. Nevertheless, dueto did not go to the delivery of awards and decided to donate his to the foundation that works in India. According to the Foundation has informed Vicente Ferrer, the 30,000 Euros will go destined to a project of education of scholarships university and to construct 16 houses to it in the locality of Madiredail, in the region of Anantapur. These are all the winners of the National Prizes of Culture, between which they appear the diiseador Paco Rabanne or the novelist Javier Fences. Source of the news: Amaral donates the 30,000 Euros of National prize of Culture to the Foundation Vicente Ferrer.

Real Federation Spanish

EP was imposed to Him by the Spanish Federation of Cycling. It supposed the cancellation of the obtained individual results in the Return of 2005. The Spanish cyclist retired precipitadamente in 2005. The Room of the Contentious Office staff of the Court Superior of Justice of Castile and Leon, with soothes in Valladolid, has annulled the sanction by doping that the Real Spanish Federation of Cycling imposed the cycling Heras Robert and who supposed the cancellation of the individual results obtained in the Return to Spain the 2005 and suspension of two years of his sport license, according to they informed to legal sources. The failure of the TSJCyL considers therefore the resource interposed by the sportsman against the resolution of the Spanish Committee of Sport Discipline of 9 of June of 2006, by that it was declared incompetent to know the subject, and annuls in addition the penalty imposed against Heras Robert, winner of edition 2005 of the round, the 7 of February of 2006 and dictated by the National Committee of Competition and Sport Discipline of the Real Federation Spanish of Cycling. Source of the news: The TSJCyL annuls the sanction by doping to Heras Robert