Christine Lagarde

Thus, the view it is starting now in the approval by the parliaments of European countries in the coming weeks from the European facility for financial stability (EFSF), agreed in July and which aims to strengthen and make more flexible the response capacity of the euro area. Carstens said at a press conference before returning to Mexico that the EFSF is a useful response and said it expects this to be reflected in a lower volatility of international financial markets. Also, the new Managing Director of the multilateral agency, Christine Lagarde, expressed confidence that Europe will address the financial challenges facing decision. Dr. Neal Barnard may not feel the same. Offered, moreover, one of the few phrases luminous in the bleak picture to indicate that we are in the middle of the way out of the crisis, during his appearance last night after the last meeting of the IMF. However, Lagarde said the emerging economies that they must also do their part with the implementation of policies aimed at stimulating domestic demand and so help rebalance the world economy.

Support emerging Finally, one of the points advertised as hot before the meeting, speculation about a possible helps the euro zone financial of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), stayed in a disposition to cooperate through the international financial institutions. Go to PCRM for more information. Brazil’s Finance Minister, Guido Mantega, stressed that the solution of the crisis is the responsibility of European leaders and urged them to take measures without delay. At the same time, Mantega threw their darts to advanced countries to warn them that now they can not handle by itself alone the risks of global stability. He appealed, therefore, the need that rebalancing of forces in the world economy is also reflected in the share of power in the international institutions. Filed under: Gavin Baker. Source of the news: IMF concludes its meeting with eyes on Europe and the search the rebalancing


Wind North component moderated in the northern half and the coast, with intervals of Fort in the coastal Atlantic and loose in the rest. Asturias: very cloudy sky. Weak rain or drizzle, mainly in the littoral zone and possibility of some shower with storm in the mountains. Temperatures falling, light to moderate the minimum and moderate to remarkable highs. Wind from the West and Northwest loose, with intervals of moderate on the eastern seaboard. Cantabria: mostly cloudy sky with weak rain or drizzle, mainly in the littoral zone. Temperatures falling, the minimum light and moderate to remarkable highs. Wind from the West and Northwest, moderated in the littoral and loose in the rest.

Basque country: mostly cloudy sky with weak rainfall. Temperatures falling, the minimum light and moderate to remarkable highs. Wind from the West and Northwest, moderated in the littoral and loose in the rest. Castile and Leon: cloudy intervals increasing to scattered clouds. Weak showers to moderate, which can be locally strong go accompanied by storm, more frequent and in mountain areas and that will be moving during the day from Northwest to Southeast. Minimum temperatures unchanged although they can descend slightly to the Northwest and climb slightly in the South.

Temperatures maxims descend remarkably in the northern third and with decreased moderately in the rest. light variable winds. Navarra: intervals of middle and high clouds, rising to cloud or clouds, with moderate showers and storm. Minimum temperatures in light or moderate rise, and maximum in moderate decline, locally notable. Wind from North component, loose, with intervals of moderate intensity. La Rioja: increasing intervals of middle and high clouds, cloudy or cloudy, with moderate showers and storm. Minimum temperatures in light or moderate rise, and maximum in moderate decline, locally notable. Wind variable, tending to loose or moderate northern component. Aragon: intervals of middle and high clouds, rising to cloud or clouds, with moderate showers and storm.

Dona Cayetana

Dona Cayetana has spoken about her next liaison with Alfonso Diez and the difficult road that have gone up to the announcement of their marriage. Duchess of Alba ensures that the marriage is not the most difficult decision that has been taken and that love has no age. It will no doubt the final brooch to the beautiful story between the aristocratic and the official. Alfonso Diez and Dona Cayetana are poised to become husband and wife making it clear, as says the Duchess, that love has no age. From his residence in Ibiza, it talks about how will be the expected link to Hello! Magazine. Cayetana de Alba is radiant and not wonder: finally going to marry the man of her dreams. What I now got married was not the most difficult decision of my life.

It was somewhat difficult to achieve, but the decision was very clear and was taken, says the Duchess from S Aufabaguera, its spectacular Ibiza residence. But while initially his decision was not shared by much in your environment, with great enthusiasm and perseverance, finally D ona Cayetana has achieved its purpose trying to convince some and others. I’m not a person who is left to handle: I have my own ideas and try to turn them into reality, emphasizes the aristocrat. It is inevitable to talk about him, which has managed to steal the heart: Alfonso. Cayetana melts in praise towards her future husband, stating: Alfonso Diez is fantastic.

He is a very intelligent, highly educated man and the person who has totally changed my life and makes me happy. It has triumphed love little by little they know more details of the intimate link which will only have those closest to the couple. Carmen Tello, close friend of the couple will be responsible to godmother since, as points out the aristocrat, he has been Alfonso, not I, who, having no mother, chose Carmen Tello, who is very friendly, as godmother. With regard to the day of the ceremony, the Duchess confirms that it will be at one in the afternoon at the Palace of Duenas (Sevilla). The day – will be in October – is not definitely fixed, because it will depend on us well come to all, some and others. Finally, the aristocrat will see how his intense romance ends with a superb finish and as he points out I think that love is stronger that anything in life. In fact, alien to the criticisms about his relationship she has very clear and pointed out in Hello!: say that my heart does not correspond to the age that I have. What is clear is that my love has no age. Ten minutes magazine has also done a complete tracking of the event and has been able to know that the wedding will be held, in particular, the first week of October. In addition, according to this publication, the official will go to receive a salary as Duke consort, but own ten makes it clear that he does not want anything other than the Duchess and points out: Cayetana knows that I do not have any economic interest. Source of the news: La Duquesa de Alba: “Love is stronger than anything”

Arda Turan

Facing the goal that is marked in his new striped stage, was overwhelming: my greatest challenge is to play as much as possible and the largest number of games possible with this t-shirt. Thus I will feel satisfied and comfortable. Arda Turan, that was injured during the match with his selection, expected to soon be at the orders of Manzano. It was not anything important, and in five or six days because I will be in the group training, unveiled. Finally, the Turkish acknowledged that it is looking forward to being able to play with their classmates.

It will be special to play with everyone because being with Forlan or Kings, which are amazing players, but I’ll be happy to play with everyone, he concluded. Caminero Goles, godfathers brand Ottoman signing featured on this occasion as godparents sporting director Jose Luis Perez Caminero and coach of Atletico de Madrid B, Milinko Pantic, that they did not hesitate to wish the best to the former player of Galatasaray. Arda Turan is a footballer last pass and very dynamic. In addition, he will come us well to moves ball stopped. Is very excited to play with us and agreed from the outset to signing for Atletico, said Perez Caminero. For its part, Goles wished him the same fate as he had when the striped dndia. I want to pass it is well as happened to me and my advice is to play as you know. I arrived with 29 years and here touched the sky. It comes to a great club and I believe it is currently the best Turkish player of the moment, he stressed. Source of the news: Arda Turan: “Do not think that it is impossible to reach out to Real Madrid and FC Barcelona”

Single Candidature

The last in order it was Gaspar Zarrias. Diverse voices of party support that measure in private and public. White rejects the agreements behind the scenes among candidates. BLOG: The PSOE Refoundation or liquidation? The PP snatches the PSOE almost all municipal and regional power. See election results, municipality to municipality. Special: Autonomic elections and municipal 2011. The Executive of the PSOE after its greatest electoral meltdown – the suffered in the municipal and regional on Sunday has not calmed tempers. While Jose Blanco announced that Saturday will begin a process of primaries, there are many voices within the qu formation ask that you present a single candidate.

This Tuesday has touched the turn the Secretary of institutional relations and regional policy of the PSOE and President of the party in Jaen, Gaspar Zarrias, who has acknowledged being supporter present only one candidate to succeed the President, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. In an interview in RNE Zarrias has reminded us that we have now close the process that opened when Zapatero announced he would not return to occur to the elections. Now you need to open a process of election of a candidate and the statutes require that a primary process opens. Colleagues say if only one candidate is better but I think that it would be better, it has highlighted Zarrias. Also, the Secretary of institutional relations and regional policy of the PSOE has ruled out the possibility of holding early general elections and recalled that what most interests him to Spain at the moment is that the Government continue with reforms and try by all means to achieve economic recovery and create employment. Zarrias has joined the views within the PSOE which call for an agreement to present a single candidature to the primary process and thus avoid the wear and tear of a race that can leave internal fractures. On Monday, after the Federal Executive of the PSOE after 22-M, several Socialist leaders admitted in private that had better support to a single candidate.

To them also was in addition one of the few Socialist candidates who emerged victorious from elections, Extremadura Fernandez Vara which remain – that Yes, using a predictable Pact with IU – power in your community. Rubalcaba and Chacon most mentioned candidates in private remains Interior Minister, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba – the most cited among those who ask for a single candidacy-, and the Minister of Dnsa, Carme Chacon. It seems that after the electoral debacle, are many Socialists who do not believe that it is time to show disunited and face in a primary campaign. None of them has expressed openly on the subject. Journalists asked Chacon in Brussels, where he had gone to a meeting of European Ministers of Dnsa, but the Minister declined to comment Monday. For his part, the Minister of public works and Deputy Secretary general of the PSOE, Jose Blanco, has confirmed that a process of party primaries, will open although it rejected the possibility reach agreements behind the scenes on the nominations. Source of the news: movements in the PSOE to ask a single candidature to succeed Zapatero


Seeks to establish a horizontal network without js or leaders. More than 250 neighborhoods in the community of Madrid, but also in all Spain, intends that these assemblies are consolidating. Success in attendance at many points where has been cited to the citizens. Camped in Sol have doubts about if decide to lift this Sunday the camp and some confirmed that the fatigue there is making a dent. Camped in Sun to PP: there is no reason accredited for eviction. You have gone (or will you) to these assemblies? Send us your photos indicating the place, author and text to zona20 @.

The movement takes the square polls this Saturday, at meetings convened in the various districts, the opinion of citizens on whether Sun camp must remain. So has explained it in the Puerta del Sol one of the spokespersons of the group, who has recognized that there are different opinions about whether camping should remain from this Sunday or on the contrary must be completed but leaving a delegation which may continue collecting proposals from citizens. The movement has convened meetings in more than 250 neighbourhoods and municipalities of the community of Madrid and also in the rest of Spain for this Saturday to try to establish a horizontal network without js or leading but with a moderator and a Secretary, who shall collect the proposals and transmit them to the general assemblies. The general Assembly of Madrid will take place this Sunday to decide if Sol camp stays or if the protest is channeled differently. At noon, the atmosphere that lived in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid was hundreds of campers visited by dozens of citizens who have taken advantage of the Saturday morning to know him or to visit, again informing about different aspects of the movement. Under one of the canopies has generated a debate among several curious who have analyzed the results of the elections on Sunday and in which both sides have been formed: integrated one by those who believe that it must seize the moment and supporting young people to do something different, and Another dnsor that citizens can do nothing, since they have to make the politicians.

University Professor

He managed to enter the website of Trinity College and add a peculiar profile of the new Professor, doctor Conan T. Barbarian. It included a photograph of the Conan played in the eighties by Schwarzenegger. Conan the barbarian has set aside the sword for sheathing on the skin of a College Professor of English literature. Thats the new profession that has given you a hacker, who has managed to sneak into the website of Trinity College, Dublin to announce the arrival of a new teacher, doctor Conan T.

Barbarian. The information leaked by hacker included a photograph of the Conan in the Decade of the eighties portrayed by the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as a long list of credentials: a doctorate of the University of Dublin and a member of the Board of Directors of Trinity College, among others. In addition, as tells the British newspaper The Guardian, the so-called associate professor in studies of Hyborian and murderer of tyrants has the experience of having spent years chained to the fearsome Wheel of pain, an era that gave him the mental discipline to deal successfully with the contemporary critical theory. Among the subjects that the doctor Barbarian planned to impart for the academic year 2011 / 2012 included Crom relevance in the modern world, theories of the literatur to revenge for beginners, deciphering the mystery of steel and D.H. Lawrence. Trinity College has already proceeded to remove this information from its web page, although you can still view as a screenshot. Source of the news: A hacker becomes a University Professor of literature to Conan the barbarian