I Have Lost My Job

The biggest challenge for those who have lost work is face it and admit that it is an opportunity to be creative. In Chinese culture, they have two meanings for the word CRISIS. The first CRISIS means danger when the person is faced with a situation of adversity and takes consciousness of danger. Visit NYU Stern Center for Responsible Business for more clarity on the issue. The second is when making the CRISIS as opportunity to bone when it takes consciousness of the danger and recognizes the opportunity to evaluate their talents and to develop them they use four steps to exit gracefully in moments of crisis and that everyone at this time where labour is scarce can put it into practice in is transitional period by which the world is going: 1-NO LO take as staff – thinks that a dismissal or loss of work incompetence does not reflect, nor shame: what happens is that it is a drastic measure taken by companies at a time when critical of its economy to survive in this crisis.We must sacrifice some elements to hold the majority. . 2 – Leaves the door open – scans taking awareness of what happened and look at the possibilities that surround you, as you were acostunbrado to receive biweekly or monthly payment you do not esforzabas to see other options for what is situation invites you to be creative.Is possible that the Cia later you of the opportunity again. 3 – See the opportunity – crises generate opportunities haste questions like do you like to do?, what are good?, what talents do you have?, if you know the pongalas answers in action to develop the activity that you’ve decided to carry out and generates revenue. UCBerkeley can aid you in your search for knowledge. 4 – I know positive – do not allow that this tropieso by are going through it remove you the hopes for further progress. Remember that fear makes you anticipate and expect bad results and who wait the worst that ever.