It takes a governess. How to select among the many contenders for the governess child? How to avoid mistakes when interviewing a candidate for the post of governess and find the very – the best Mary Poppins for her child? At that attention must be paid at the interview a candidate for the nanny or governess, to discuss in advance what points? For some features of selected candidates for governesses? And what features should be have a good governess? In the survey governesses for further recommendations in their family, we start from a few basic criteria. Governess should have special education – special secondary teacher or senior teacher. It all depends on the age of the child and the requirements for the parents to the employee. Sometimes you just need to stay with the baby, feed him, ie, pouhazhivat, it seemed – would, without any training Occupation.

But with any form of communication learning and child-rearing is a constant. Therefore, the overriding quality that must have a governess – a literate speech. Of course, the selection of candidates for governess to pay attention to their personal qualities. Let us just at a psychological portrait of a governess. The face of the governess includes certain appearance and behavior, for example, a positive outlook on life.

And, of course, required qualities that are directly relevant to a contact with a child – empathy, the ability to feel the child and his mood, openness and creativity of thought. Of how creative personality is a governess, her success depends in contact with the child. Such a governess come out of any situation with a positive, it will always be interesting for the child. For the governess is very important and high self-control and special sense of responsibility. Main motivation, the foundation of the image governesses and nannies – this is unconditional love to the kids, a full understanding of the child. Not because he's nice and pretty, but because he – the child.