Mother Teresa

We want our children to winners or winners? Change the angle of view means resolve blockages In the case of Lance Armstrong there are certainly many non-illuminated details that you can classify different depending on the angle of view. The spatial dimension of sport and such topics are discussed in the, delighted those who make a living with security or benefit, including those doping sinners to convict the attempts. But ultimately, the services are mostly a product of a weak and is occurring less ego. The origin of the motivation, yet the performance itself, nor the whole discussion has true size. In addition, a functioning money machine, which has little interest to take the sport with critical observations its apparent shine behind the whole. You must not renouncing Yes on the attractions of the sport itself. As an athlete, nor as spectators.

But maybe you should banish the sport in a more modest unit of existence. “But maybe you should banish the sport in a more modest Department of existence.” I personally think it’s time to take another role models. Far more radical than it is required so far. I mean idols who lead a life which is drawn from inner peace and satisfaction. One that senses the deep cooperation hearing of all existence and integrated this into their actions and thinking. One how for example Gandhi or Mother Teresa lived there. Maybe a little big jump from sports to Mother Teresa, but as has already been said, it may be quiet a bit radical. Or? A former Austrian long-distance runner once said to me, he took Jahre(!) for it, to find an honest answer to a single question: “Why I did so long this sport and this constantly hard training?”. The answer: “Because I needed the attention and acknowledgement from others”.