Emotional Intelligence And Academic Strengths

The marketing staff is not only look good, is more than that. It is capable of supporting a good talk and smile. Daniel Goleman, in his book "Emotional Intelligence" to refer to people who excel in academic tasks and even in their level of intelligence, come to be seen as "geniuses", but many have no success in everyday life. Why is that? . If you are very good academically, at its specs ialidad, perhaps these lines will help define its strategy of "attack" the market to be considered "employable" or "competitive": The marketing staff is based on 05 items, much like the marketing of products but with some variations. 1 .- As defined Market Who is your victim? Also called "target audience. Covers the area of major customers or potential. Knowing What are your weaknesses or needs? What services are offered and how well they meet? They are guidelines that can not fail to assess and especially to know.

"Never assume, it is bad business" 2 .- The Product product is "You." The base is the differentiation and demonstration of benefits that are associated with him. 3 .- Packing Your personal image, perhaps what is more commonly known as "personal marketing world." goes beyond How do you see?, it also behaves How?. The attitude that shows he can "open" or "closing" doors. 4 .- Communication This communication is divided into two areas: The What to do? , And What to do? 4.1.-Promotion: Does it do? How do they plan to encourage people to engage your services? This should be linked to your audience and the type of services they provide. What media used more often?, What point is used? What do you want to see or see in the media? 4.2 .- Advertising Does how? It is the means by which you give to know its benefits, capabilities and strengths, Who? For its target audience.

The use of color, image, text is part of the concept. What they call " Showcase. " Where you should be always present, for easy viewing and "shop." Maybe I should belong to the bar of his specialty, for example. And above all sin: Where should help not being present?. 6 .- Price The price "fair." Difficult but certainly not impossible. Can be based upon a market where your potential customer. Studying the competition and see how they defined their strategy of "value" help. In short: "YOU" is a product. Good, bad, regular. Of high, medium or small. The only way to "get buy," a salesman is treat yourself. It is not difficult, but neither does the overnight. Do not forget to "love what you do, here the trick is to learn" How?