Space Movement

What it is a paradox, therefore the nothing does not exist. The inversion of the understanding of the movement: It swims can move of position in the space, but the movement occurs and must be explained. If nothing it can move of position in the space then what it can be changeable is what to be in it, that is, its content. Therefore they are not the parts that modify all, but the all that modifies its parts. Of form that the movement has as root cause all, therefore it is the space that content exchange and not it content that space exchange.

This means that it has a universal control and that the causalidade in the universe is decreasing (that comes of the universal one for the particular one). You can think that the things move of position in the space, but in the truth what it occurs that, repeated times, the things are insults and practical example is remade in the space (: an object is insults here and later copied there of form that is not the object that is moving of place, but the all that is recriando the object in diverse different places causing the illusion of a trajectory movement continues through the space). I do not want to affirm that the space is God, therefore the space can be more including part of something. What I want to say is that the causalidade is decreasing (that it comes of the universal one for the particular one) and has as root cause what it will be most including possible. The inconstncia of the movement in the universe.

So that a time interval if passed of constant form would be necessary to cover infinite instants, therefore as all the instants of interval would have certain distance of the others, no instant could be immediate to the other, but between all they would have that to have intermediate instants of form that enters any instants it would have that to have an infinite intermediate series (practical example: before arriving at as an instant the time she would have that to have fond of the half of the interval and before arriving at the half of the interval she would have that to have thus fond of one room of the interval and infinitely).

Learning To Have Hope!

Learning to have hope! what to make when everything it seems to be lost? to concentrate its real reasons for which vc this living creature, and if are pertaining! to conquer the hope, is if to renew, searching the faith inside of itself! yes. Click Center For Responsible Lending to learn more. it is to concentrate all its objectives in what vc in such a way desire. Read additional details here: BSA. a point X that it of security, no matter how hard not of certain, it waits reflects. it reacts in a way which vc does not give up itself, nor of its goals, therefore the accomplishments and objectives bring provaes, and the provaes are obstacles that we have that to face, and to jump, or vc go to pass the time all looking at for they? the faith moves mountains, moves its doubts and obstacles with the force of its faith, to have faith is to believe vc, to know that the infinite if cannot see, but exactly thus to want to find something in the imensido, to have faith, is to face to arise itself, to walk, of vc to only be able to wake up the new day, already it is a huge form of if revealing its faith, is to live today, with certainty of today, knowing that tomorrow it exists exactly not existing tomorrow, pra to say the truth tomorrow is only the programming of a time that vc have that to have it stops with you, a rest, a reflection moment, therefore we will always live today, then let us make today of the evolution, the accomplishment and the transformation of its pains, repentances, conflicts, fatigue, transforms everything this into force, knowing to use its faith! the faith does not summarize in a doctrinal act of a determinative religion, the faith if it finds in its interior, as impulse, as combustible to burn huge the soul that has inside of vc, the faith in its accomplishment, is the dreams carried from the spirit to the reality, the victory, the fondness power to be not only one, but the somatria of forces to move the world, the faith is what vc more it has of important inside of its chest, he is to carcter the holy ghost, it is in complete its. vc! the hope always has with vc, it makes with that the faith is transparent in giving the miracle of life! Jnior.

For Aristotle

For Aristotle, Plato was prisoner of a mythical vision of the world. Important to point out that Aristotle did not deny that the man had an innate reason. For the opposite: for it, the reason was the characteristic most important of the man. That this reason only remains total empty while we do not perceive nothing. Read more here: BSA. 4. The forms as characteristic of the things. ' ' All man, by its very nature, wants saber' ' Aristotle For Aristotle the reality consists of some isolated things, that represent a unit of form and substantiate. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Gavin Baker.

He substantiates it it is the material in that the thing if composes, to the step that the form is the peculiar characteristics of each thing. When a mia cat and runs for the roof; the form of the cat is necessarily to miar, to run, to have filhotinhos etc. Thus, the form is characteristic proper of the species. The form cat is what it makes. When the cat dies? e, therefore leaves of miar -, the form cat also leaves to exist.

The only thing that remains is the substance of the cat. The substance always locks up the possibility of if becoming form. For Aristotle, all change observed in the nature is an occured transformation in the substance, of a possibility for a reality. A hen egg locks up the possibility of if transforming into hen or a rooster. It can be that it finishes fries. In this in case that, Aristotle says that he had an accident. An event that hinders that the form if transforms into what it is in harnesses. 4,1 Powers, act and movement For Aristotle all the things are in power and act. A thing in power is a thing that tends to be another one, as a seed (a tree in power). A thing in act is something that already is carried through, as a tree (a seed in act).


He raced the car, opened all the windows. Dense wavelength thick with the hum of the air burst into the box, patted her hair and clothes become weather-beaten face, and it seemed to him that it is easier to breathe. High above his head flashed birds – wings of an eagle now and then pave a broad black shadow, heard the scream stork, and then broke away for a moment from the road, he managed to hold his gaze long elongated silhouette. But most of all it took pelicans with their ridiculous giant noses. Looking at the flock of seven pelicans, rushing toward the sunset, he realized that he is trying to keep pace with their rapid movement. He drove the car from the Miami, as soon as they spotted seven, although it seemed to him that he was not trying to keep up with them, and these strange birds trying to catch up with his cast on the sun a black Mercedes. For some reason he remembered his father's house and an old stove tiles with images of two pelicans.

And then, how difficult it was scrub with their blood, seemingly, forever frozen in ceramics. He was painfully sorry for her father, and at the same time he wanted to permanently erase the memory of his suicide. Intense heat gradually subsided, and he felt that began to fizzle out. He did not want to sit, gripping the steering wheel, and he slowed down. As soon as the car began to drive slowly in his eyes, as if the robber from behind, dashed blue.

Brazil Ones

But that nothing: Pimentabilis annus outrem rephrescarium est. Education always was private privilege to the elites. Incio Jose de Alvarenga Peixoto, later Colonel of the Regular Cavalry of Minas Gerais and one of the inconfidentes, it was registered the University of Coimbra, Portugal, together with later also the Colonel Joaquin Silvrio Dos Reis. But the school registration of Peixoto Lighter was suspended per two years, under inquiry, because they had discovered in time that its grandfather had been manufacturer of santinhos (and person of laboring origin could not be doctor). Lighter alone was admitted in that Institution after to prove that the grandfather, certain time, manufactures some images of saint for some poor devils that had much faith in the soul and no currency in the pocket. It makes for pure charity In the Health of pra to point two of the most important creations human beings: penicillin and the sanitary vase. Penicillin as antibiotic is champion; the sanitary vase for its important contribution for the hygiene human being, even so in many regions of Brazil still is common to substitute the bathroom for an underbrush of banana trees.

E this filthiness was imported of the Europe, therefore caravelas, also from Peter lvares Cabral, carried up to one hundred people each one, with one only ' ' cagador' ' in the deck, the opened sky, with a long rope, of the unwoven tip, that imitated the current hygienical paper. They have or had the intention, the truth is not that the filthiness constitutes one of the supositrios that the colonizadores had introduced in annals of our History. Corruption? It always had. The Government pressed in the collection of the taxes; the corrupt ones insisted on perfecting its methods of performance. In Minas Gerais they had created ' ' saint of the wood oco' ' that it was a wooden image excavated on the inside to be stuffed of gold and, thus, to run away to the fiscalization. the first plant of false currencies was discovered in Rich Village (Ouro Preto), in 1735. History follows, to the trancos and abrupt declivities, always if repeating. Until when? Who was Allan Kardec affirmed that ' ' without the work the Human being would remain in infancy intelectual' ' , but, what to make, if until the work it has lately in the lacked one? was Plato, the great Greek philosopher, disciple of Scrates, who first if it worried about the disordered growth of the cities, arriving, at that time, 2300 years behind, to fix in 5037 the ideal number of inhabitants for a city. for a bigger reflection the Republic is the words of Plato in its book here: ' ' The Great men need to enter for the Politics, therefore, if not to make it, the small ones will make. In consequncia the Great ones will be governed by pequenos' '.

Sight Hypothesis

Why do the people steadily such a thing as "bad" or "black eye"? They are distributed as in civilized countries, and in semi-wild tribes. And these beliefs are not less than 4000 years. Superstition? Absurd prejudices The ancients believed eyes a window through which the soul enters the body and leaves him. There was a steady conviction that the same way people can communicate with each other "good" and "evil" spirits (demons) who live within them. Similar "Superstition" surprisingly tenacious. Echoes of these beliefs can be found even in the Bible: "For from within, from the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts evil eye." (Mark, 7, 21).

Or: "The light of the body is the eye. So, if your eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light, but if the eye be evil, thy whole body will be dark. " (Matthew, 6, 23). Snakes and hypnotic gaze. "Magical sight" is well known in the animal world.

Especially among the snakes. French naturalist Levollan not once had the opportunity to see this in the jungles of India. Thus, in one case his attention the strange behavior of spotted woodpecker. Sitting on a tree, it is wildly screaming and writhing in convulsions. The reason became clear at once: a meter of it settled on a branch rather large snake. Motionless, she stared at the bird his sparkling eyes. Unequal "duel" was over quickly: the pecker fell off the tree dead. When his inspection did not reveal the slightest damage.

Armed Forces

The lack of knowledge of the searched ones concerning the carried through social activities, of the ethics spread out in caserna and of the possibilities and limitations of the Armed Forces can be perceived. The subsidiary activities also are unknown: The Brazilian Antarctic program, the service of search and rescue, the survey of the Brazilian continental platform, the preparation of the merchant navy, the air transportation of sick people and agencies for transplant, the work of ships hospitals in the Brazilian Amaznia, dam construction railroads and food highways, distribution the devoid communities, aerospace infrastructure, etc. Are activities that they search to take care of to the two basic characteristics of the Armed Forces the operational capacity, translated for the otimizao of all its ways and possibility to develop action that they aim at to preserve the national interests. The interviewed ones see as the attendance of the necessities of social matrix, combat with priority the poverty, distribution of income, combat the violence. Later it comes the elimination of the public deficit, find that it is spent very with the military, also with questions directed to the environment. When it is mentioned to the Armed Forces, it is for questioning its validity and the role that they play in the world globalizado after Cold War. In face of such realities and trends, one becomes basic that the military are capable of if communicating with the nation, presenting an adequate vision of the necessities of the Defense and reestablishing its image correct, beyond integrating the regions most distant of the country, to develop the citizenship and patriotism preparing young for the market of work and the wakening interest for the subjects of the defense. It is necessary still a less hostile environment in tension situations, greater social integration, improving the quality of life of the staff, conquest of volunteers it military career, to increase the empatia for the Armed Forces and understanding of its reason of being. .

Vestibular Contests

Enem, competitions and vestibularesAt seem that the situations that would have to be exceptions had turned routine. At least it is this that we think when some occur lambanas in competitions, vestibular contests and in the National Examination of Average Education (Enem). The people are not few who say that still they participate of competitions for stubbornness, but that they do not believe the smoothness of the dispute. With the vestibular contests the diffidences already are not as much, but time for another one the media comments that a john doe whom had bought the result, or some apanhou themselves another one that was vendendo the answer sheets of the tests. But the monster of the vestibular contest, already does not scare in such a way at least not in our region In other parts of the country, the animal is ugly and swallows people! But the thing seems to be acintosa in the competitions It is clearly and undeniable that always has those that passes in the race and with mritos! But for others as much let us not forget in them that we are people and ' ' law of the Gerson' ' it remains.

E comes the dictated one there: diffidence and broth of hen do not make badly. Additional information is available at Vida Vacation. illustration of this situation comes behind of little time, when the state of Rondnia carried through competition TO GIVE it. It walks had not finished the test and already they circulated rumors and commentaries on the necessity of cancellation of the competition, in virtue of (presumptions) problems in the tests and aiding of somebody on a john doe. Others already shot the affirmation standard, of that the competition had been carried through to only collect money? mainly because the electoral campaign had provoked gaps in many pockets. Moreover, the end of the year if approaches and one how many Justinian codes of Superior Education (IES? the facultieses) if prepare for its processes of captation of new academics.

Human Rights

They will be new ' ' slogans' ' of propaganda, until it seems that they had made what the obligation more than. The impression that if creates is of that the candidates are the owners of the workmanships, as they had the fact with the money of the proper pocket. Meanwhile the people perish conditional to these ' ' wonderful facts and espetaculares' ' if dirigem slowly for the ballot boxes to choose, or in the worse one of the cases, to reelect these brave men and women who ' ' they had given to the life for its povo' '. To summarize, historically the governments, are they of left, right, of center, from above or of low always in them they leave the attention grace, devoid, and as we are devoid! There then they appear people as that ' ' celestiais' ' in altdorrs thanks to the miracles operated for fotoshop. Funny it is that it always has a smile automatic with aiming the rays laser that go off for all the sides. They hug dirty workers I work of it daily, they read the word of God, they enter in Churches and still it has the wood face to say that they are responsible for the religious freedom in our country. As if the freedom of worship depended on the State.

To only cite an example, the Cardinal of the Church Apostlica Catholic Roman Franois-Xavier Nguyn Van Thun, it passed thirteen years of its life in an arrest in the Vietnam in the decade of seventy, what it did not hinder it to every day celebrate the eucaristia (mass) hidden in its cell. The religious freedom is prescribed in Article XVIII of the Declaration of the Human Rights of the ONU. Therefore, if to use of a natural law of the human being as campaign strategy it is very unjust.

The Forces

Who are familiar with the literature on success should pay note the emphasis the authors put on the part of many people in its success and personal growth. Only the people can raise or lower, pointing to the problems that exist within you. There only remains one carefully listen to their opinion, make the separation of wheat from the chaff through the analysis and decide that as a result of actions taken to obtain a mutually beneficial result. If you are afraid of such work, or feel a lack of knowledge on the subject, nothing could be simpler. Find them, the knowledge scattered everywhere, it would be a desire to gather together and start acting. That act, forcing the verb take to move is the most difficult.

It does not work only when a person has a way to retreat. When they are absent in the work force aimed not included preservation of human life, regardless on whether it is righteous or sinner. If both these forces will receive recharge from the man in the form of ideas to combat their former way of thinking, stereotypes and attitudes of their potential grow and can easily help a person get out of her predicament. Only the synergy of action will lead to positive results. Refusal to compromise the integrity of any component of the system and lead to the destruction, so the potential destructive forces will prevail. To avoid this from a man must make a request to the relevancy of such aid, having received it in the subtle world, the question of granting prosimoy reinforcements, where the decisive criterion is the purity of thoughts of man.

No thought is hidden, and how the person would not conceal from himself his thoughts, everything will be fixed in the energy field. If at heart worm greed is showing signs of life will be difficult to get help until not cope with it. You can argue that many people who know the person, not a nice one, live like cheese in butter. There are two types of forces with which the person interacts creative and destructive. When interacting with the forces of creation man gets the energy to implement their plans without giving in return their life, designed to perform other problems associated with the solution of questions of evolution, thus you are not wasting limited resources, to preserve and increase given 'talent'. When interacting with the forces of destruction mechanism for cooperation is also to issue some help, but instead take the appropriate amount of life force directly proportional issued. Such cooperation is under the jurisdiction of karma. So you choose interaction, with some forces prefer.