Avoiding The Problem Of Hunger

Nor is it only the uncertainty of how you will work almost two years, to 67, to retire if hardly stand holds so many years gone to the scaffolding. It is perhaps the hunger of others. The hunger for understanding the early death; of days where he eats a can of tuna in spite of having a refrigerator full. The tenderness that provides little in the movement of young people and how little of his mother looks at another woman since the death of his own. It is the hunger of the magic that awaits you. He who has no education, never refuses a little conversation with his neighbor, as always saw to the people of his village. I’m sure of it despite not having seen it.

“Ten cuidao the puddles when you get off, dear, since it is raining in Seville, is filling the ambulatory people with things started …” The bus door opens. She says a “goodbye” that looks like a door. Don yonosequien and I shrug to resist the coup. And when it appeared that hopelessness was going to eat me alive, the driver turned, complicit smiles at me and fills me with dots green as the traffic lights. Then I moved from place to tell my people yonosequien in order to sleep warm, grandmothers preparing a “pulley” with flour, water and little sugar could get. Because if the mothers were Magas … the grandmothers were the Good Fairy of the stories, who knew that a child will sleep better with something sweet in my belly.

Pulleys Recipe Ingredients: Olive oil for frying the bread squares of fried bread croutons two teaspoons anise (anise), cinnamon sugar lemon peel five tablespoons flour four tablespoons milk three quarters Elaboration Ground cinnamon to taste the bread is in the fie olive oil and set aside. Put in a bowl chorreoncito oil a fry pan, add the anise in grains, milk, lemon peel and put in the fire. Before it starts to boil remove most of the grains of anise with a strainer, no matter are few, add the flour, sugar and stir until it thickens once thick add the fried bread and put remove overhead dishes add ground cinnamon. It should not be too thick since then be very hard. Leaving the latter is thick and curd do at the plate.