Walter Arana

Never break the silence if not to improve it has been largely neglected how properly mamejar motivation towards productivity, therefore, not surprising, it is significant number of companies, of all SMEs, which management does not has handled properly represents what the motivation, which can generate, if it knows how to use towards productivity. Management has not identified with the role of motivation, has failed to use the necessary stimulus to give way to positive results. Just writing about it is as stated Walter Arana, when executives of a company considered necessary to motivate staff to achieve certain objectives, often tend to hire consultants or external consultants, who usually are good speakers and make use of certain techniques aimed primarily at influencing the emotional aspect of the person.

To do this, developing themes such as leadership, how to overcome fear, excellence and quality, teamwork, be victorious, among others. In the best case, these programs are accompanied by issues related to the work of the company. While it is true that these activities can lead to the person aware of certain problems and seeks to overcome, however, lack consistency and permanence in time. Worse, the desired effect as a contribution to the objectives of the company is not much concrete. Confidence is lost, time and money by claiming a simplistic reasoning. It has been written, that the motivation involcra those factors (internal impulses and external forces) can cause, direct and sustain behavior toward a goal. From there, it’s no surprise that comment, to know the motives of the motivation is as complex as human nature is complex.