Improved Offer In The Middle Price Segment

It is and remains a dream for many people who invest safely on the one hand and on the other hand want to build up a solid retirement the own small vacation real estate. Mild climate but this dream must be located in the South, with the soothing sounds of the crystal clear sea in the background and a year-round no dream! Croatia property, an established provider of real estate in Croatia, has significantly expanded the range of properties in the middle price segment and for every taste and every budget the right dream apartment in the portfolio. Croatia is on the rise as a holiday destination. Ensure above all the other benefits of the beautiful Mediterranean in addition to stable political conditions. A year-round pleasant climate, this is Croatia hot and dry in the summer, but mild in winter, to the varied cuisine of the Mediterranean cuisine using fresh, local ingredients, and a crystal clear, blue sea with a stunning coastline. A trip in the European past of several centuries too is Croatia.

And finally a country on the way into the European Union, with more stable political and economic situation that is Croatia. A country, the ideal is for an investment in a small holiday real estate for own use or as investment for the rental and at the same time a country which stands for a high growth potential. Croatia is a region in which conscience safely and sustainably can invest with the help of the European Union on the way to a bright future. Previously, in the acquisition of real estate by foreigners in Croatia, still a laborious approval process necessary, it due to a change in legislation approved in February 2009, now all EU citizens allowed to freely purchase real estate in Croatia. With Croatia property, an experienced and established since years partner to page, who perfectly knows the Croatian real estate market and has the necessary professional contacts on the spot may also refer interested buyers. Possible linguistic Barriers are competently mastered with the help of the german Croatian team, the team is supporting the page during the entire process of real estate purchase at any time. The range of properties in the middle price segment between 100,000 and 150,000 euros is now significantly increased in the coming months, to meet the increasing demand from Germany. Real estate in Croatia can be true also, your dream of the perfect holiday destination and also the desire for a solid, safe column for personal wealth accumulation! Contact: Vallis capital GmbH Klosterwingert 22 FL-9493 Mauren phone: + 423 3730083 fax: + 423 3730085 E-Mail: Web: press contact: QvorQ GmbH & co.

Monument Real Estate

Features of listed real estate unique works with 100 and more years history, these are monument real estate. You are usually the flagship of a city and after high-quality restoration a very coveted real estate for tenants and investors. Who would like to do not like to live light-flooded rooms with high ceilings and large Windows in a residence with massive walls, historical facades. Moreover, this brings high benefits in the market for tenants. Monument real estate can be given the considerable demand always again to higher price per square meter lease as new real estate. In addition, such objects are in most cases in an exceptional micro locations, so a valuable part in the corresponding area.

The positive aspects of architecture allied with the luxurious and contemporary furnishings of the modern era. For this prestigious redeveloped monument real estate, such as E.g. Memorial lofts are available. And because the State set itself the preservation of valuable historical buildings of the task who is even particularly promoted the recovery of such property. The income tax Act grants the owners globally unique tax refunds.

High tax reductions the subsequent costs of modernization of the building can be written off 7i / 7 h income tax law to one hundred percent 12 years according. This means that when an income 50,000 euros (standalone) or (married) per year approx. 2% of the purchase price from tax savings can be paid 100,000 euros and, without contributing anything themselves to. Are inhabited monument real estate itself, so the 9% of the restructuring costs as the cost of production may be deducted this over ten years. Those who opt for monument real estate, which acquires not only extremely special and sturdy estate. Add significant tax effects are those real estate investment. Tax payments into private assets be substituted at the time of purchase. Press contact HTP estate Blumenstrasse 2 68723 Oftersheim Marco Tenschert Tel. 06202 / 59450 monument real estate /.