Bon Appetit

Step 1. We stood up, reached the fridge – it is a huge plus, you can arrange yourself standing ovation. We're still standing, and excessive praise does not happen. So we reached the first and most important conditions – finally in our consciousness of a simple desire for food took shape target, so that there is little things of life washed away in the next 10 minutes! You are confident, you will achieve this, moreover, you do it better than anyone else remains to find their eggs. But then you have already succeeded in half, because you have a refrigerator, which means the eggs are already at your fingertips. Little nuance – anticipating the question: 'Where is it?', Turn your head toward the door, and if you are above the 5-, your gaze rests directly on them. Step 2. Here a little bit harder, you will need skills orienteering.

Our task is to find the frying pan. Include logic: you find a refrigerator, stove probably is not far away, but take the trouble worth it. The question is: 'Where this traitor, that I was not fed and condemned to death by starvation, could put the pan? After all, she she has seem to have, I'm something that gave like a tennis racket. " There will come to the aid of a simple but very effective way – to look at all the boxes, I advise you to start from the plate. And when you break out the phrase 'basta beetles' – this means that you have completed the second stage and do the assignment. PCRM may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Along the way, if you find a match, put them in his pocket that would not have to look for them later. Step 3. You need to go back to the fridge and take what you find edible and that, when mixed with the eggs will not cause a violent reaction, so that the light will be some yaytsezavr. Do not forget to grab a little spice and salt. Step 4. Apogee of all that has happened in your life until this moment. So: 1. Turn on the gas. 2. Heat a frying pan. 3. Put butter in the pan. Butter with vegetable makes a very nice the taste of scrambled eggs. 4. We throw the ingredients except the eggs you find. 5. Puts, so to say, 'Damocles sword', in this case a knife, over eggs and certain movement, but not strong, that would then not have to have with yourself, break the eggs. Another nuance – if you use skorodku with non-stick coating, do not forget to take spoon, whatever that is stirring. Yes, you will arrive with the force! Bon Appetit!